February 3: Russia began using barrier troops, which shoot its own army in the back

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By [email protected] (Тарас Возняк)

February 3 – Russia began using barrier troops, which shoot its own army in the back, so that pro-Russian terrorists and Russian soldiers have nowhere to retreat. Putin, Stalin – can you see the difference? The retreat of pro-Russian terrorists near the town of Vuhlehirsk was stalled by barrier troops of the Dzerzhinsky Division of Russian Interior Ministry, – informed NSDC spokesman Andriy Lysenko.

February 3 – “There are almost no printed media in Ukrainian and no official versions of regional and municipal media in Ukrainian in Crimea today. Only one Ukrainian television show is being broadcast out of four that had existed before. Internet websites in Ukrainian are being disabled for Crimean residents,” – stated Valeriya Lutkovska, Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights.

February 3 – ATO press center informs that after another Putin’s “humanitarian aid convoy” has arrived in Ukraine, the number of attacks and their intensity has increased again, said ATO spokesman Olekdsandr Motuzyanyk. “After another convoy arrived from Russia, the number of attacks and their intensity has intensified significantly. That is to say that they [the militants and regular troops] basically received the ammunition they needed. Otherwise a question arises – where do the militants get so much ammunition from if they are able to continue attacks almost around the clock.”

February 3 – At NATO headquarters they expect that in the near future Russian Federation will continue to absorb unrecognized territories that appeared as a result of conflicts involving Russia, – stated NATO official during a meeting with journalists (who asked not to be named).

February 3 – President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko plans to meet with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the end of this week, – informed NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu.

February 3 – in NATO headquarters they say that they expect a noticeable deterioration of the situation during the time of the interaction with journalists a NATO high official who asked that his name not be divulged, reported from Brussels a correspondent of European Truth. “Russia is ready to support the conflict in Ukraine as long as there will not be a political solution which suits Moscow. AAnd in this is the root of the problem,” stated the representative of the Alliance. “No one knows how long the conflict in Ukraine will last and how specifically will be resolved. However, there are all reasons to expect that the safety situatioon in eastern Ukraine will deteriorate. And the proof of this lies not only in the events of the last few days but also in earlier facts,” he added. The co-speaker also mentioned that Russia is strengthening its activity in the conflict. “The possible deterioration of the safety situation is also supported by the increaseof Russian presence in eastern Ukraine and we have valid affirmations to assuredly state that the Russian army is acting on the side of the separatists,” he emphasized.

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