Donbas “republics” threatened full-scale war with Ukraine — Kuchma




The representatives of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” and the “Luhansk People’s Republic” during consultations in Minsk on Saturday, January 31, threatened to renew full-scale military operations along the entire line of demarcation between the two parties, reports Interfax Ukraine.

“They demanded that the president of Ukraine issue a decree on a unilateral ceasefire. They threatened that if the ultimatum was not accepted, they would renew full-scale battles along the entire frontline,” Leonid Kuchma, the second president of Ukraine and member of the Tripartite Contact Group on the resolution of the situation in the Donbas, said in an interview with Interfax Ukraine on Sunday, February 1.

Moreover,  the “DNR” representative Denis Pushilin and the “LNR” representative Vladislav Deinega insisted on defining the line of demarcation according to the situation on January 31 and not according to the Minsk agreements of September 19, 2014, Kuchma stressed.

“When asked what kind of assurances would be given that in the future they would not determine some other line, they were silent,” Kuchma said.

Kuchma also reported that the separatist representatives were not familiar with the action plan proposed by the Ukrainian side on the implementation of the Minsk memorandum. “We sent the plan to all parties in advance, but for some reason it was not shown to the representatives,” he said.

According to Kuchma, this position of the “DNR” and “LNR” representatives is contrary to the stated position of Russia in particular, especially since on Saturday, during a phone conversation with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande, President Vladimir Putin said he hoped to reach agreements in Minsk.

“This is precisely why we are waiting for Russia’s reaction” Kuchma said.

As reported, on Saturday in Minsk  preliminary consultations of the Tripartite Contact Group to resolve the Donbas situation took place. Later the same day Kuchma announced the cancellation of the planned January 31 round of consultations.

“Today’s consultations on the Plan of Implementation of the Minsk agreements, which includes a list of specific measures aimed at the rapid de-escalation of the situation was disrupted due to the absenteeism of the Minsk signatories O. Zakharchenko and I. Plotniskyi, the ultimatums of the representatives D. Pushilin and V. Deinega, and also the refusal to discuss the Action Plan on the immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of heavy weapons,” Kuchma said.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Interfax Ukraine

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  • Jacks Channel

    I am ashamed to be called an American. Would “SOMEONE” in the West who is not gutless, give Ukraine some weapons! WHAT ARE YOU POLITICIANS DOING?
    I am ashamed to be called an American. I am serious. Western leader’s have just allowed Putin to kill more people and take more territory out of FEAR of retaliation.
    I say stand up for Ukraine and give it the weapons it wants so it can defend itself. After all, Putin supports the separatists, and for no good reason. Remember the Ukrainian Nazis?
    I know for a fact that Putin is laughing in the West’s and NATO’s face right now. For goodness sakes guys, stand up for what you believe in already. People are depending on you.
    I am ex U.S. Army. I would volunteer to fight for the Ukrainian Army right now if they were accepting applications from foreign military veterans. I have the experience they need.

    • Richard Hoover

      you can volunteer as a mercanary,,,its your right!,,,,well done ,,Ukraine needs more men with balls! and a straight vision of truth and honour. Putin perverts all truth,,lies only when his lips move!!! The man is pure evil in need of Meds!!! or a coffin!

      • Davey Gerard

        Preferably in need of the latter Richard.

    • disqus60

      I seriously am considering starting a fundraising effort to give Ukraine for purchase of what’s needed but honestly the things they need now are anti-aircraft suppression weapons, anti-tank weapons, smart weapons that can take out the massive self propelled artillery and tanks being supplied by the butcher and electronic capabilities.. it’s the most frustrating thing to be an American and watch this horror. I wrote the White House and some Senators and said if Ukraine is allowed to be destroyed I will consider renouncing my US citizenship. I don’t want this to be settled by war because the people in East Ukraine are some innocent as well, but the thugs have made it clear they want nothing less than to conquer Putin’s “novorossiya” which means they could give a damn about Ukrainian people or their desires, so unfortunately it’s not going to be stopped by negotiation unless that means doing as Putin wants. The damage he’s doing to Russian-Ukrainian relations is going to take decades to repair, if ever.

  • StumpedNoMore2


    you might be getting your wish. With the rebels not making any
    attempts on forging peace, I think even those who prefer peace are
    running out of patience with them. The sanctions though affective are
    not deterring the rebels or the Kremlin from supplying them with
    weapons. As a person who likes diplomacy to work, I am also running out
    of patience and the shenanigans being pulled from the Kremlin.
    Hopefully, this is not just more smoke by our administration but
    actions. Some trolls or sympathizers of the Kremlin would point out
    that there are no Russian involvement but I would beg the differ.

    The invasion of South Ossetia was in the same manner. Using the issues
    as protecting ethnic Russians. If that were the case, the UK would
    have a big argument around the world.

    2.) Crimea. After numerous
    of months denying his country’s involvement, Putin admitted the little
    green men were Russian soldiers. Crimea and Donbass are in the same

    3.) Ukraine military have been running out of ammunition
    but you don’t hear the rebels running out of it. Why? Ukraine have
    been having for sophisticated weapons. How or who did the rebels get
    sophisticated weapons? Don’t tell me a battalion in Dnepropetrovsk or
    garrison joined the rebels. Even then, there are plethora of military
    bases in Ukraine beside that one as I have looked up. Where is the
    extra weapons coming from? Who or what is financing the rebels? And
    don’t tell me the BS that the rebels are financing their own war because
    Ukraine have had to take out loans for it.

    4.) As the
    Ukrainian military was encircling the cities of Donetsk and Luhansk, how
    in the heck did extra rebels come out of the wood work? One can point
    out to that Donbass is bordered next to …..

    5.) Who would know
    better than your friend right? As the saying goes, keep your friends
    close but your enemies closer. Even Lukashenko a member of the so
    called CIS union is afraid.


    • light019

      If Ukraine is sure it is the Russian army they are fighting, why are they sending their army to those Eastern regions knowing they will be crushed by the Russian army. This is a war between civilians and a Nazi force. Of course Russia is helping Russians in Ukraine but the Russian army is not directly fighting.

      • CanRus

        Who said the entire Russian army is fighting in Donbas? I know, it was an obvious Straw Man argument – standard Kremlin tactics. But I just couldn’t help pointing it out. :) You calling the Ukrainian army a “Nazi force” already makes it clear who you work for.

        Yeah, “civilians” with hundreds of tanks, APCs, long-range artillery and rocket launchers –´and unlimited ammunition. Makes perfect sense!

        • Jens A

          If Putin win in Ukraine, there will only be him to blame for further economic troubles in Russia and he will loose power.

          If Putin lose in Ukraine, he will loose even faster in Russia.

          Either way, he will loose. Therefore his personal survival depends upon the continuation of the war and maybe he even needs to escalate the war.

          So, you are absolutely right!

        • StumpedNoMore2

          Keep pounding away CanRus. Since the closing of Kyiv Post, these guys have migrated to Euromaidanpress. I’m hoping to give a Klitschko T-K-O to these trolls.

      • StumpedNoMore2

        Let me give you a 101 lesson Russian troll so you can give it to your supervisor in St. Petersburg. Typical of you to call Ukrainian as Nazi, neo-con, fascist, etc. I am going to give you logic and reasoning which you clearly lacked.

        “If Ukraine is sure it is the Russian army they are fighting, why are
        they sending their army to those Eastern regions knowing they will be
        crushed by the Russian army…”

        What country wouldn’t send their military to guard their border and fight those who are invading them? Why do you think Russia got military bases all around Russia? If someone were to invade Russia, you don’t think Russia is not going to put up a fight. Look at what happened at Chechnya. The Russian military sent a boat load of Russian soldiers to crush the insurgency.

        …”Of course Russia is helping Russians in Ukraine but the Russian army is not directly fighting…”

        Well, at least you admit something your fellow trolls doesn’t seem to admit. Compare the landmass size of the whole of Ukraine and Donbass and the population size. How the heck is the rebels getting extra men to fight the Ukrainian army? Just like there were no Russian soldiers in Crimea and South Ossetia. That is why telling the truth is better than telling lies or else it will bite you in the butt.

      • Murf

        So far the only thing the Russians have crushed is their thick skulls against the Ukraine wall.
        One month in and they have Jack and Shyt, Jack’s already left town.
        Glory to Ukraine

    • Czech Friend

      how do you deal “diplomatically” with deluded criminal mafia using terrorist tactics on a state and nuclear war level?

      Very hard.

      The thing is, age of honesty and transparency with Russia is long gone- I prey and hope so that powers that be are working hard behind the scenes of taking Putin down.

      The key is using deception and lies the same way Kremlin does because in a fight with the mad bully there are no rules anymore.

      • StumpedNoMore2

        It is going to be an uphill battle my friend. It stems from the October Revolution where the Russian people are fed with streams of propaganda. The state is always right and those who think otherwise are branded traitors that is their mantra. It is ingrained in their textbooks and schools. They see the world as black and white. It is a constant shift of blaming the West for all of their problems without any introspection of their own responsibility. In life, it is easy to point the finger at other people but it is hard to examine oneself that is the Russian’s Achilles heel.

  • Debra Kay Lewis Hall

    It is amazing to see anyone who has such strong beliefs still stand for them to this degree. When I watch the part of the O’Reiley factor show called Waters World I see zero humor in it. It makes me sick, I can not believe Americans have become so uneducated about our own history let alone what is going on in the world. People in general I have found need to have a ten minute explination on almost anything politcal then often they look at you like your nuts for caring or knowing. Beyond sad, as we sit and watch the goings on upon every continent we are stupid enough to allow our own countries attitudes develop that will and are leading to the exact same end result. In the long run, as was discussed in another of y
    our posts all men able or capable of fighting are going to be needed if we are to survive. Thanks for service and continued service on your board.

  • Arctic_Slicer

    In the future the DNR will be the textbook example of why it’s futile to negotiate with terrorists.

  • Art Judge

    It is clear Russia is not for peace. Whatever line is set they will turn it into an elastic band.
    Time Ukraine military moves from defensive to offensive.
    Time also to give them the kit they need

  • garrett

    Guys, there is a total misunderstanding. Nobody seems to really understand the REAL reason why Putin is making a war against Ukraine. First: he does NOT want to protect Russian speaking people. Actually he cares absolutely nothing about them. Evidence of that is the fact that he keeps sending arms in order to make as more victims as possible among the civil population. Also, noone seems to know that everyone in Ukraine speaks Russian as first language even in the most of the Western part. Go to the capital Kiev and you will see.
    Second: Putin does NOT want to recreate Soviet Union. He is not an idiot, he knows that this is an impossible goal to achieve. Of course he would like it but it’s just a dream for him.
    So why Putler is making a war? In order to survive as a dictator and keep his grip on Russia. Russian people have always consider Ukraine as the poor unsuccessful sister compared to the Russia’s greatness. What would be if Ukraine succeded to become a strong, efficient, modern and true indipendent State like Poland is?
    It will be the end for Putler. All the castle of lies he created would suddenly crash.
    Russians will understand that it is possible to live in a better country where people succed because of their real capabilities and not because they are linked to Putler’s inner circle Mafia. And finally a Russian Maidan will happen.

    • Vid Beldavs

      It is the KGB – industrial complex (Putin and his KGB cronies) that benefits from this war as it does from the Syrian civil war. Instability elevates oil prices and results in the sale of weapons – the people of Russia be damned, they don’t need to eat so much said the Russian deputy prime minister.

  • evanlarkspur

    It’s time to give the rebels the full scale war they seek. There is no solely diplomatic solution to the Russian war in Donbas.

  • disqus60

    A “Unilateral Ceasefire”? Stunning. You agree not to fire anymore and we will maintain the right. Go to hell Putin and your minions.

  • Murf

    In order for there to be a diplomatic solution both side have to want one.
    However it by takes one side to believe a military solution is possible.
    It should be self evident that the Russians are choosing the military option.
    It well past time for the western leaders to realize this fundamental fact:
    The western leaders can NOT stop people from wanting to kill other people.
    You have to convince them you wont allow it.
    And you have to back it up with currency killers respect.
    I leave it to you to figure what that is.