SBU: part of the equipment used to shell Mariupol already on Russian territory


War in the Donbas

Article by: Mykhaylo Shtekel

The Ukrainian Security Service [SBU] claims that the artillery used to shell Mariupol had retreated behind the Russian border. A former traffic police officer, citizen on Ukraine, had aided them in aiming for the targets.

The SBU invited the Russian ambassador to familiarize himself with yet more evidence to the presence of Russian citizens in Ukraine and their involvement in the shelling of Mariupol. In addition, the head of the SBU Valentyn Nalyvaychenko invited all the diplomats in the capital of Ukraine to study the documents.

Earlier, the statement made by the head of the SBU was announced by the Minister for Information Policy Yury Stets. According to him, the journalists had to actively report the given facts. Several days ago Stets condemned the ineffective informative work of the Ukrainian media and state institutions.

On Monday, Valentyn Nalyvaychenko published copies of documents belonging to citizens of Russia, such as passports and military identification. According to him, operative SBU groups had already arrested several dozen Russian citizens on suspicion of terrorist activity.

“Forty-one Russian citizen. Some of them were arrested, some received court sentences, ten are still wanted,” Nalyvaychenko announced.

Former policeman confessed to aiming for Mariupol

The head of the SBU published a record of a confession made by the gun-layer who, according to the SBU, had aided the artillery to shell the district of Skhidny in the city of Mariupol. The SBU also claims it was former worker of the traffic police Serhiy Kirsanov. The detainee claimed he had aided the separatists to aim the artillery and communicated with the command of the artillery battery with the call sign ‘Pepel’ [‘Ash’ in Russian].


“Until the end of 2014, I worked for the traffic police and I visually knew where the equipment and SBU personnel were located. I found these places on Google Earth and sent the coordinates via text,” said the detainee. According to him, ‘Pepel’ is an officer of the Russian army.

Nalyvaychenko accuses Russia of killing civilians

SBU investigators insist that the shelling involved Russian multiple-rocket launchers Grad and Uragan, as well as Tulpan mine-launchers. Coordination was done with the help of Belozer stations for satellite communication, which are used in the Russian army. The SBU is currently trying to identify the Russian serviceman with the call sign ‘Gorets’ [‘Highlander’ in Russian] – he was in charge of the shelling in Mariupol. The SBU head emphasized that after the shelling part of the equipment form the four artillery batteries fled to Russian soil, having used a specifically created password, “Ryazan–Astrakhan.”

“The shelling occurred five times under direct orders of Russian officers. Why did they stop shelling  civilian citizens of Mariupol? Because they got information that the OSCE mission had departed for Novoazovsky district, where the Russian artillery clearly acted from. A command is given to the Russian divisions to retreat – all four Grad systems which were used, Tulpans, which were used,” said the head of the SBU.

Nalyvaychenko presented data on Russians who had come to Ukraine to aid the separatists in the East and who had been arrested or who had died in combat. In particular, Russian citizen Andrey Yemelyanov from the city of Tiumen – he died on January 23. The SBU also has information on Russian citizens, Vitaly Portikov from the town of Yurga, Viktor Krivoruchko from Stanitsa Staroninska and others. Nalyvaychenko invited ambassadors from other countries, particularly Russia, to familiarize themselves with the data.

Putin “compliments” Ukrainian volunteers

In Russia, President Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of using foreign divisions.

“Volunteer nationalist battalions are essentially not even an army, but a foreign NATO legion which does not pursue Ukraine’s national interests,” Putin claimed, thinking that the volunteer battalions are containing Russia in the geopolitical dimension.

No official condolences were offered in regard to the civilian deaths in Mariupol on the website of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina

Source: Radio Liberty

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  1. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    If it wasn’t for Russian arms and soldiers, the terrorists in East Ukraine would be all destroyed by now and there would be peace in Ukraine.
    Yet the West and US let themsleves being intimidated by the lying thug Vladolf Putler. To what end? He is only playing not to lose, he doesn’t care for any rules.
    He must be killed like a dirty rat he is.

  2. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

    If we but give Ukraine three things, they will end this problem and set Putin back in his ability to invade elsewhere. These are advanced anti-armour and anti-aircraft shoulder fired weapons, and secure personal communications devices. That’s it. We don’t have to send troops, tanks and aircraft. Just these three things, and brave Ukrainians will inflict so much damage Putin will rapidly run out of resources to continue supplying the terrorists.

    Why do I say antiaircraft weapons, when Russian aircraft are not attacking? Because as soon as his armour starts getting decimated by small teams of Ukrainians who don’t dig in to defend, but begin sneaking thru enemy lines to destroy armour, he will begin sending aircraft to protect the tanks. Tanks are expensive to lose, aircraft insanely expensive. Let him lose a couple hundred planes in Ukraine and the calculus will begin to change.

    There is no wholly diplomatic solution to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Sorry, hapless world “leaders”, but the facts on the ground can no longer be ignored because they are inconvenient. Children are having their limbs blown off while you dither. You dishonor us with your bullshit. Arm Ukraine now.

    1. Avatar Czech Friend says:

      your message should be widespread

      agree 200%

      1. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

        Thank you. The voices I hear saying this are becoming a chorus. Please share my post if you want to spread the word. We need to make our leaders lead- as an American, I feel that one of the things we stand for is piloting by the stars, not by the lights of passing ships. Whether others do or don’t do, lead, follow or go a separate way, we must stand up for freedom, law and human rights, the cornerstones on which civilization is built. Preserving our money over preserving the lawful environment in which we can enjoy it is pretty shortsighted. Our leaders preserving donations from wealthy businessmen who want to continue doing business with a terrorist rather than listening to their citizens is reaching the end of its viability as a strategy….

        1. Avatar Czech Friend says:


    2. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

      Agree 300%. Everyday I say, “Deeper sanctions, lethal aid to Ukraine, and designate Milosevic Jr. as a state terrorist will solve this fascist escapade.

    3. Avatar Thomas Alan says:

      That is basically what worked for the US in Afghanistan… was not that long ago, do our US politicians not know of this??????!!!!We can drive the Russians out of Ukraine the same way we did in Afghanistan without putting troops on the ground! Great comment BTW.