Nadiya Savchenko lost at least 15 kg (33 lbs) and is in ‘terrible condition’

Nadiya Savchenko

Nadiya Savchenko 

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Due to her hunger strike that began December 13, Ukrainian military pilot and parliamentarian Nadiya Savchenko, illegally detained by the Russian authorities in a Moscow jail, is in a ‘terrible physical condition’ – stated the captive woman’s sister, Vira Savchenko, in an interview to Inter TV.

“Her spirit is not broken by even a gram, her morale is high, but the condition of her body, to put it mildly, is awful — I’m not exaggerating. Her weight has always been around 75-78 kg (165-172 lbs), with her height of 172-173 cm (5’8″). She now weighs 60 kg (132 lbs) and because of such starvation, her skin condition is awful. There is only cold water there,” – she said.

Vira Savchenko stressed that the hunger strike is the only available means of protest for her sister.

“This is not some form of pressuring for pity or a form of suicide. Nadiya is a fighter and this is the only method available to her as a struggle for Ukraine. She does not stop the fight, she is defending it in this way. It is a protest against the Russian aggression of Ukraine. Secondly, it is a form of protest against her detention despite her airtight alibi, unshakable proof of her non-involvement in the alleged case, when every Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is coming up with some new ‘evidence’ of her supposed involvement,” she said.

Translated by: A. N.
Source: Ukrinform

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  • Brent

    Our prayers are with you Nadia. You exemplify the spirit of Ukraine.

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  • Czech Friend

    Nadiya is on the verge of death. :-(

    It saddens and angers me why no Ukrainians attempted to kidnap Putin’s daughters or other prominent friends of his mafia living happily in Europe and exchange them for her. Hostage for hostage, no mercy.
    Why didn’t the European secret services come to help? There was enough time even month ago!

    Do it as a payback for one more unneccessary fallen hero, Ukrainians!

    • Desmond McDoulgham

      You’re quite a “friend”! I can understand if you dislike Putin, but what’s the point in kidnapping his daughter? Has it occurred to you that she might not even agree with his father’s politics? Imagine your parents did something wrong and some lunatic would take revenge on you for that! Is this what we might call civilised, European behaviour?

  • gmab

    Putin is a misogynist. A poor excuse for a man or human for that matter. Who but Putin would refuse to release a female pilot, especially one who is innocent. I pray she receives medical attention currently, an IV drip, anything so that she can survive.