Putin finally buries the Minsk agreements



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Article by: Taras Klochko

The announcement today by the main terrorist of the so-called “DNR,” Aleksandr Zakharchenko, that he was not interested in negotiations with Kyiv and would fight until victory is essentially an announcement of the final abandonment of the Minsk agreements.

Today Russian mass media was repeating another Zakharchenko statement in which he finally buried the already feeble peace agreements. The essence of the terrorist’s passionate speech boils down to three points.

– No negotiations with Kyiv except for the exchange of prisoners.

– The “DNR” will advance up to the administrative boundaries of the Donetsk Oblast  “in three directions simultaneously” and then will decide about further advances, but it will certainly advance if threatened.

– Kyiv has to recognize the independence of the terrorist republics and only then will it be possible to have “neighborly relations” with Kyiv.

Subsequently, Zakharchenko added that negotiations are still possible but only if Petro Poroshenko takes part in them personally, fully aware that this is impossible. “I see no reason to have negotiations. We made that mistake once already and will not do so again. If Poroshenko comes, we will talk. Right now we’re advancing. What negotiations?” he declared.

All this can mean only one thing — the terrorists have finally abandoned the Minsk agreements and now a new ceasefire in the Donbas will be possible only after the complete destruction of the self-declared “republics.” Or, a new negotiating process with new conditions for a ceasefire will be required. It is no secret that Zakharchenko is not an independent figure and is not authorized to make  similar strategic decisions. Therefore, the DNR chieftain has simply repeated the plan of Putin, who has finally decided on further escalation.

The Russian president has not yet personally commented on Zakharchenko’s announcement, but he did express his views on the events in Ukraine. Putin limited himself to the traditional rhetoric on Ukraine’s responsibility for the conflict and again emphasized that he has not received an answer from Kyiv to his proposed plan to withdraw weaponry, adding that Ukraine  has decided to conduct full-scale fighting instead. Putin, obviously, was silent about the fact that Ukraine is actually defending itself and only responding to attacks by the terrorists.

Therefore, it is most likely that we should expect an even greater intensification of the Russian-terrorist troops in the Donbas, where Putin will continue to send task force battalions of “lost paratroopers” to the “Novorossiya republics,” along with all the required heavy weaponry.

Terrorist troops, reinforced by Putin’s “little green men,” will try to break through the defense lines of Ukrainian army, take control and considerably expand the occupied territory. At the same time, they will find it useful to surround a few important Ukrainian territories and to threaten to occupy neighboring oblasts — for example, Kharkiv and Zaporizhia. Afterwards, they might consider beginning new negotiations under new conditions from a position of strength. Under the threat of further military chaos, they could demand the cancellation or at least a substantial decrease of Western sanctions and Kyiv’s recognition of “DNR/LNR” in exchange for ending the war.

Confirmation of a similar plan will appear soon in the repetition of the theses pronounced by Zakharchenko by his LNR counterpart Igor Plotnitsky.

On the other hand, one cannot exclude the possibility that Zakharchenko’s declaration is simply his initiative that has not been coordinated with the Kremlin. The terrorist leader could have blurted out a personal “militantly patriotic” message without thinking too much about the consequences. In that case, the serious “wise men” in Moscow would need to urgently explain to the “DNR leader” that he has deviated  from the main course of action and therefore a new statement would have to appear negating the previous one.

But, whatever the situation, full-scale military action is already taking place, and the scale of the plans of Putin’s terrorists in no way changes the priority of the tasks facing Ukraine — to held the line of defense and to do so in such fashion that Putin’s advance gets stuck where it began, at the ceasefire line.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Espreso TV

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  • Murf

    Zshank (Zakharchenko) has got some new toys and wants to play.
    He needs to be pee pee spanked hard so he can learn to play well with others.

  • disqus60

    Four letter expletives come to mind when i read this. There is no way to negotiate with savages. Killers and thugs, nothing more.

    • Dirk Smith

      I don’t understand the ongoing credibility given to this vicious thug. Time is running out…

    • LorCanada

      “Scumbags” also sounds appropriate!

  • Rods

    Where the worm Lavrov commented the other day “that more antidote needs to be applied to the Nazis”, that Putler and the Kremlin intend to escalate and that there is going to be a major campaign against the Ukraine.

    Ukraine now needs to set up good defendable positions and a defence in depth to make Russia pay a very high price for their aggression.

    Don’t be surprised if it also includes the use of Russian airpower as we have seen Russian propaganda talking about DNR airforce, a claim by a troll on Ukrainian air power (actually Russian terrorist artillery) destroying a nursery and an airpower exercise just across the border from Ukraine in Russia starting in the very near future. A trait of Russia seems to be to talk about things before they happen to gauge the Western reaction of nothing. It is very rare for any news on East Ukraine to appear in the UK news these days and if it does it normally has a pro-Russian bias.

    The West needs to up its game in help Ukraine defend against this further unprovoked aggression from the Russian fascist regime.

    Glory to Ukraine

  • Jacks Channel

    Eastern Ukraine is Ukrainian land, not Russian. Fight to the death and win.
    Long Live Ukraine and Democratic elections.
    Fight and win!

  • Michel Cloarec


  • Czech Friend

    The sooner Ukraine presents the absolutely undeniable evidence (I know) of Russian troops on its territory the West, EU, NATO, US won’t be no longer able to cowardly ignore Putin’s open aggression and they will have to act or admit they fear to counter Russian terror.

    But at least we won’t be subjected to be cast in this humiliating absurd theatre written and directed by the KGB terrorist rat himself.

    Help Ukraine or admit that you are scared and kneel down before the agressor, but don’t hide your heads in the sand and lie to the world, Western politicians.

    • Eddy Verhaeghe

      It’s not a question of cowardice, but a question of not knowing what to do with what is clearly a thug, a common criminal. Thugs live in another world and when cornered can and will do unexpected things. A cornered rat – Putin himself made a reference to rats in his autobiography ‘First Person’ – can and will attack…
      The problem for the West is that this particular rat has nuclear arms and is capable of going to war with the West…

      • LorCanada

        And the West is capable of squashing the slippery rat.

  • marko j zala

    How about doing something completely counterintuitive. Send the Ukrainian army home and tell the Russians that you are not going fight the Russians anymore. What are the “rebels” going to do ? Start killing civilans ? Occupy new territory ? How long can they pretend that they the saviors if no one wants them around ? How long before the Ukrainians tell them to just go home ? How long before they start to feel like fools ?

    • http://fr.linkedin.com/in/denisarnaud/ Denis Arnaud

      It would not work, as the “pro-Russian militants” would then organize a referendum for the “independence” of the newly conquered territories; the result of the referendum, thanks to “polite little men”, would be 93% in favor of

      • marko j zala

        If the UN sends UN peace keeping troops into Ukraine to monitor the situation, then the referendums would be exposed as farces organized by Russia.
        There must be a way how to stop the madness. Some kind of asymetric way to respond to Russias asymetric war.

        • LorCanada

          What I do hear often is that the West ought to ramp up the Radio Free Europe capabilities, i.e. propaganda. Putin’s $300 Million Russia media machine spouts endless drivel 24/7 over the internet and news sources. What is there counteracting it? Very little from what I’ve heard. It’s a war for minds and ideas so we really ought to get more serious about an offensive, not just being defensive to Putin’s goop about Nazis and so on.
          Pootie has got 53 registered Neo Nazi groups located in Russia, so before he tries to point a finger elsewhere he ought to CLEAN UP HIS OWN BACK YARD OF NEO NAZIS.

  • LorCanada

    I just want to state that a few months ago (several weeks or so) there was a Canadian lady journalist who actually went to Donetsk and personally interviewed the rebel Zakharchenko in person.
    He told her they were preparing for further military activity somewhere near Mariupol. She noticed that he did not say how, what, or who was providing the accelerated military action but everyone presumes it is backed by Putin, of course. So, the advance on Mariupol was well planned far ahead.