January 22: Whereas Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov said again, mockingly, that he yet needs to be presented with any evidence that Russian army is indeed fighting in Donbas

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By [email protected] (Тарас Возняк)

January 22 – On August 24th, 2014 (Independence Day of Ukraine) Putin’s army entered Ukrainian Donbas en masse and started its offensive. On January 22nd, 2015 (Day of Ukrainian Unity – celebrating the unity of Eastern and Western Ukraine) Putin’s army has ostentatiously “conquered” a symbolic Ukrainian site – Donetsk airport – today Ukrainian military left behind most parts of the airport. Whereas Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov said again, mockingly, that he yet needs to be presented with any evidence that Russian army is indeed fighting in Donbas.

January 22 – 10 Ukrainian military were killed and 16 wounded in ATO on January 21st, – informed the spokesman of the General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces Vladyslav Seleznyov.

January 22 – Whereas NATO would like to re-establish communication with colleagues from the General Staff of the Russia’s Armed Forces, – stated Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO Allied Command Operations, US General Philip Breedlove (Reuters).

January 22 – The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchynov hasn’t ruled out offensive operations by the militants in the near future (stated by Turchynov as a result of his visit to the war zone, according to NSDC press-service). “New terminal has been almost completely destroyed, but our Armed Forces have strengthened their positions near the village of Pisky and inflicted a series of very strong assaults,” – said Turchynov.

January 22 – Militants of the terrorist group “People’s Republic of Donetsk” have “paraded” captive Ukrainian soldiers along the streets of Donetsk. Abuse of prisoners and torture of prisoners violates Hague Convention on the rules of military operations (The Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907). Abuse of prisoners is punishable under Hague Tribunal. Instead, Ukrainian government is trying to start negotiations on the release of prisoners of war captured at Donetsk airport, – informed NSDC spokesman Andriy Lysenko.

January 22 – Self-proclaimed leader of Donetsk-based terrorists Oleksand Zakharchenko has said that they intend to “push the frontline” further from Donetsk. It has been previously reported that in September 2014, when explaining the invasion of the city of Novoazovsk and other areas by the militants and disguised Russian soldiers, Russian President Vladimir Putin explained that the main objective of the militants is “pushing the frontline further.”

January 22 – In Donetsk, the terrorists fired at a trolleybus with a mobile mortar, killing seven civilians. The site of the attack is located 20 km from Donetsk airport. For several days now, the terrorists have been travelling around Donetsk in a van with a mortar, shooting at residential areas, trying to encourage the residents to take up anti-Ukrainian views.

January 22 – During the meeting in Berlin of the heads of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the countries of the “Normandic foursome,” progress was made only regarding one issue of the Minsk agreements. This was written by Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pavlo Klimkin on his page on Twitter. “Yesterday in Berlin there was a Borodino – a diplomatic battle, which no one won or lost. We made one step forward on one point of Minsk agreements,” he wrote. According to him, it concerns a ceasefire.

January 22 – Facts confirm that Russia is directly involved in the army operation in Eastern Ukraine. This was stated by the President of Lithuania, Dalia Hrybauskaite to the Lithuanian journalists during the Davos Forum, writes Delfi.lt. “This is open territorial aggression, carried out not by some terrorists-seperatists, but by Russia itself, because neither the separatists nor some other people can have such weapons. These cannot be bought at the market or on the street; they are very specific – they can only be owned by big countries,” she emphasized. “All the more, there are direct indications that not only the weapons, but the army itself (Russian), its subdivisions are involved,” said Hrybauskaite. According to her, Russian representatives are openly lying about the situation in Ukraine. “We really see an enormous demonstration of lying when they say one thing and do something totally opposite, when they blame one side, but, it turns out, that the obligations are not being fulfilled by the other (side),” said the President of Lithuania.

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  • Roger Mikael Klang

    Ask Lavrov what he will do if, excuse me, when he will get the evidence that Russin troops are fighting in Donetsk! That will shut him up.

    • rgb

      Shameful for me to think this way, but maybe, those Russian officials need their eyes poked-out in order to ‘see’.

      • Roger Mikael Klang

        Sometimes I dont understand the commentators on this site. How exactly is poking their eyes out going to help Ukraine? Ok, there is s theoretical chance it would. But how exactly are you going to realize it? Please be constructive rgp. Hold your emotions under Control or you will lose this war. Maybe it is a cultural thing that I am a little bit cooler since I am Nordic? But I am on Ukraines side!!!

        • rgb

          I appreciate your comment. Yes, it was a theoretical comment I made, as you see, I mentioned shameful for me to think such thoughts. You are correct, I should try harder still to keep my emotions under control more often when it comes to what is happening in Ukraine. Thank you.

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            You are welcome. You are my Brother from another Mother. I like your style rgb!

  • Rods

    Everytime Lavrov opens his mouth, I always think ‘here goes Walter Mitty again”! His grip on reality is tenuous on his good days and the possible signs of dementia show on the bad ones!

    The only way to defeat Russia is by increasing their costs by growing and improving the Ukrainian army. From what I can see the most urgent areas for reform are senior commanders and logistics, both of which at best have been poor and at worst abysmal or non-existent.

    For Ukraine this needs to be a war of attrition, with robust defending of areas or facilities that Russia wants and tries to take. Donetsk airport was an excellent example of this, where most of the casualties and destroyed military equipment was on the Russian side. Ukraine needs to look at maximising strong defensive positions with multiple defensive lines, so there is strength in depth to make Russia pay a very high and eventually unacceptable price when trying to expand their territory.

    At some point the costs and losses will become unacceptable (probably through the number of casualties or major economic problems) and this will mean Russia either has to withdraw or reach a settlement in much the same way as the Russian withdrawal from Afghanistan and the US from Vietnam.

    Sadly, I can’t see this being a short war, but the West needs to recognise this and provide the equipment, training and financial assistance that Ukraine needs to survive, otherwise the costs to the West will continue to get higher as Russia will continue to try and expand their grubby little empire by force as only countries with like minded dictators want anything to do with Putin no friends. Like in 1939-45 this is a war between two incompatible political systems: Russian expansive, aggressive, dictatorial, fascism and Western democracy, with Ukraine the democratic front line.

    Glory to Ukraine.

    • disqus_aJpixObjG7

      lavrov is simply lying. he is lying thru his teeth. he knows he is lying and he seeks to lie in the most effective way possible to destroy the ukrainian people. Lies are russia’s MAIN KILLING WEAPON- far more than artillery, grads, tanks or divisions because without the lies there would be no russian invasion of Ukraine.

      please read Macchiavelli’s “The Prince”, which is the guidebook for all politics for over 700 years it teaches when and how to lie in matters of state…it is called teh “bible of realpolitik” and used by all politicians and statesmen


  • Brent

    Invite the lying weasel on a ‘fact finding mission’ to the east side of Mariupol and he can watch the incoming Grads and advise if they are Russian when they land….if he’s lucky, he won’t meet the fate of the 30 or so innocent civilians killed in the latest terrorist attack.

  • gmab

    There’s plenty of proof. What does he think the Sanctions & promises of more are for!! SWIFT should be up next since Putin’s horrific attack on Mariupol. RIP to the innocents killed today.