Yarosh wounded at Donetsk airport


War in the Donbas

In one of the clashes with pro-Russian terrorists on the territory of the former Donetsk airport, Dmytro Yarosh, leader of Pravyi Sector (Right Sector) and a Verkhovna Rada deputy, received serious arm wounds and light head wounds, reported LIGABusinessInform, January 21.

Kharkiv volunteer Roman Donyk was the first to report the news on Facebook.

“To prevent a new wave of fakes, obituaries and panic, the “Leader,” aka Hawk, the MP Dmytro Yarosh has been lightly wounded. By shrapnel from Grad rockets. He has no broken bones but some tissue damage. He does not need to be hospitalized. Antiseptic was applied and he is continuing to fight,” Donyk wrote.

Yuriy Butusov, chief editor of Censor.NET also reported on Yarosh’s wounding.

“He was evacuated from the battlefield. The injuries turned out to be light, from exploding shells,” the journalist wrote, and later provided more detailed information.

“A doctor examined him. The initial diagnosis — open fracture by shrapnel of the lower third of the shoulder (to the elbow). Arm seriously damaged, head wounds not serious — helmet saved him, tangentially affected,” he wrote.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: liga.net

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  • catonine

    We cannot lose Yarosh!!! Please stay safe in fight against the russian scum…

  • Brent

    He is a true patriot and a leader and defender of Ukraine.

    The ‘trolls’ like to make him out to be something else, but anyone who is willing to defend their country from an invading army, earns my respect.

  • RedGA

    With regards to the airport what happened to all of the Ukrainian tanks and other armor showed on video a few days ago? Did they make it? Were they all lost in battle?

  • evanlarkspur

    The man is in the trenches, defending his nation against invaders, despite having scored less than 2% of the vote as a presidential candidate. How many candidates for political office and/or office-holders anywhere in the world can say the same? I may not agree with all his views, but I am deeply impressed by his dedication to his nation. He puts his life where his mouth is. Bravo!

  • Robert Drake

    Army of the invading Russian Federation… taking land in a place that Ukraine would give to Russia freely — on any terms they want if they would simply stop invading and taking more. If the Ukrainians wanted to kill Russians, they would have done it in Krim. If Putin was not interested in empire, no one would be dying right now. Yarosh and Ukraine did not attack Russia, they simply stopped a bunch of people like Gherkin who exported their hatred of Ukraine to the east. Ukraine’s only crime, they do not want the iron boot of Russia on their government and economy. If Russia wants to stop NATO, maybe it needs to let other people live and prosper in peace.

  • Kruton

    Stop murdering women and children Bolshevik scum!

  • Kruton

    Petro please fire these old corrupt incompetent generals and replace them with younger men like Yarosh!

  • Brent

    You “Duginite” scum. Slither back to the orifice that birthed you.