Former “Supreme Commander of DNR”, Girkin: Throw Yanukovych to the wolves




On January 12, the official VKontakte page (a Russian version of Facebook) of the militia of “Novorossiya,” published a commentary of Igor Girkin, also known as Strelkov, a retired Russian FSB/GRU officer who played a key role in the initial phases of the Donbas insurrection but has since returned to Russia. We have translated the excerpt on Yanukovych:

“The man who became president of Ukraine under the slogan ‘Russian – the second state language’ did not fulfill his promise, so it is not necessary to take into account his opinions as such. He is filth and attitudes toward him must be appropriate. It is useless to help such a conceited fool, pathological kleptomaniac, coward and scum, after having fallen between two chairs on which ‘squirmed’ all his (so to speak) ‘political career.’ But they failed to use him properly after his escape – this was a mistake,” says Strelkov.

“At least, they needed to use him as a legitimate figure – as an idol (preferably – so that all would be signed and his mouth kept shut) … If we want to reunite Rus’ and Russia, then the bastard should ‘be thrown to the wolves,’ and not to conceal him among ourselves, giving occasion to the people of ‘Ukr-Gayrope’ to accuse Russia of intending to return that bastard ‘to the kingdom,'” says the former militant commander. “For most of the Ukrainian military in April 2014, he was, in any case, much more legitimate than the whole bunch of homosexual Kyivan perverts and sectarians.”

Girkin expressed confidence that, following a transfer of Yanukovych to Ukraine, his interests would be protected by international human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch.

“I saw them all (the Yanukovych family), when they came to worship the Gifts of the Magi. Heart-rending sight: he is a conceited, arrogant creature … he sold his country for trinkets along with his (our) people, and now he is ‘soaking it in’ in Rublevka [a prestigious residential area of Moscow],”- he added.

In the last two months, Igor Girkin has given a number of resonant interviews, in which he revealed that it was the regular Russian army which had the decisive role in seizing Ukraine’s Donbas, and also slammed the current “Novorossiya” leadership.

Edited by: Alya Shandra
Source: VK

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  • Guest

    Sounds like just the kind of guy USA would put into power.. Like the current pro-USA oligarch Porky. Declared corrupt filth even by USA standards..

    John Herbst, US Ambassador to Ukraine, described Poroshenko as a “disgraced oligarch.”[104] Later that same year Sheila Gwaltney, Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Ukraine, said that “Poroshenko was tainted by credible corruption allegations.””

    • Evelyn Myketa Livingston

      Ah, the trolls await !! You are predictably pathetic, ,,

    • Dirk Smith

      Another fascistic Yanukovych supporter.

  • Dirk Smith

    This drunken muscovite is becoming as annoying as Lavrov. Send all of these thieves and gangsters to the Hague; especially the KGB clerk.

  • Dean Venture

    I can never figure out Strelkov. I can’t tell if he’s a government mouthpiece, or just a warmongering Russian with a penchant for crazy rants. He hasn’t been arrested yet, so I’m guessing both (like everyone’s favourite crazy Russian Vlad Zhirinovsky). It’s a pity he was allowed to escape justice in Ukraine.

    The Russians have been very careful to ensure no leadership, even failed leaders, fall into Ukrainian hands. I hope their success in that regard is transient. I’d love to see some of them answer for their crimes.

  • Murf

    “Heart-rending sight: he is a conceited, arrogant creature … he sold his country for trinkets along with his (our) people, and now he is ‘soaking it.”

    On this I agree with the SOB. When Putin wants to reestablish some good will with his former ally,returning Yanuko would go along way.
    But that might be expecting to much for the ham fisted oaf.

  • Brent

    I used to think “honest Russian” was an oxymoron, but at least I can give “Strelkov” credit for being open about what he did and what he wants. Putin on the other hand is an absolute liar. Sending Yanukovych back to Ukraine to face justice would also be interesting because then the katsap trolls could no longer claim he’s the supposed ‘legitimate’ President of Ukraine anymore.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hope both end up at The Hague, but it’s an interesting contrast between how these two “Duginites”, and I hope they come to an open clash because that would be a deserving fate for both of them.

    • Quartermaster

      I rather not the Hague. Keep them Ukraine and put them against a wall for their crimes. They need to answer with their lives, not just a comfortable cell in some EU country.

      • Nowhere Girl

        I remind you that Ukraine is a democratic country which has abolished death penalty. A comfortable cell is really not that comfortable if you can’t go anywhere else.

        However, cynically judging the matter by Russian standards: I’m surprised that Girkin is still alive. He’s such a gossip, and his revelations put Kremlin leaders in quite a bad situation. They can simply no longer pretend that “there are no Russian troops in Ukraine”, that “it was Crimean self-defence” etc.

  • gerad

    Yanukovich is the democratically elected President of Ukraine, Azarov should still be Prime Minister. Ukrainian vermin Nazi mob exploited his generous resignation to use lowlife tactics of coup ….sheer exploitation.

    You will rot in the sewer for not even forming a “Unity” government.

    • richaelmivero


    • Michel Cloarec

      You are already radicalized ! Sorry for you ! Where is your so called
      president ! Preparing the defense of Ukraine in a pub somewhere ?
      Afraid of Interpol ? He let you down methodically !

  • bohdanknianicky

    Igor Girkin is one of the most dangerous people in Russia. He is the mastermind and leader of many campaigns from Georgia, Crimea, etc. Watch this man carefully. He will rise in the political ranks in the very near future.