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Article by: Libération

A lost and found in French newspaper Libération’s timeline:

2015-01-09, 18:45: Chechniya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov declared ex-tycoon and Russian opposition figure Mikhail Khodorkovsky to be an „enemy of all muslims oft he entire world“, because the latter called to publish the Muhammad-cartoons in support of Charlie Hebdo. „With his stupid actions Khdorkovski set a full stop behind his future. He mad himself an enemy of the whole world’s muslims and mine personally“, Ramzan Kadyrov, who is on top of Chechnya, a small Russian Caucasian republic that is rooted in Muslim traditions, wrote in his account on Instagram.

Translated by: Euromaidan Press Translation team German
Source: Libération

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  • Don Casavant

    Mr. Kadyrov has a case of Rectal – Cranium inversion! I think he caught it from PUTLIER

  • Roger Mikael Klang

    That is Don Casavant humour!