More than 1,000 Ukrainian POWs held in Russia — human rights activist



Volunteers have irrefutable evidence that more than a thousand Ukrainian POWs are currently in hospitals, clinics, and prisons in Russian cities, including Eisk, Taganrog, Volgograd, Kursk, St. Petersburg, and Moscow, said Elena Vasileva, Russian human rights activist and founder of the Cargo 200 project (Cargo 200 is the code word for casualties for transportation in the Russian military — Ed.). She reported her findings with supporting data on her blog, reports Espreso TV, January 3.

“Here we have very limited reports, which really were prepared by Police Major M. Yu. Lobasov, the head of Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs department in Rostov-on-Don,” she stated, adding that the major had not been involved in the transfer of the documents; it “simply happened.”

“If Russia has not invaded Ukraine and is not conducting a war with the former brother nation, then on what basis are Ukrainian POWs arriving in Russia? According to our data, there are already more than a thousand of them,” she wrote.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych

Source: Espreso TV

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