FSB threatens pro-Ukrainian Russians with unemployment




Article by: Paul Goble

In what is likely part of a broader pattern, FSB officers in several cities in the Urals have called in for questioning Russians who have taken pro-Ukrainian sentiments online and have warned such people that they risk losing their jobs in today’s bleak economic conditions if they continue to do so, according to Kseniya Kirillova.

In a report on Novy Region 2 yesterday, Kirillova writes that “searches and interrogations have taken place among several [pro-Ukrainian] activists from Yekaterinburg and nearby cities.” In a report on Novy Region 2 yesterday, Kirillova writes that “searches and interrogations have taken place among several [pro-Ukrainian] activists from Yekaterinburg and nearby cities”.

One was called in after she posted a picture of Stepan Bandera on her Vkontakte page. Another was questioned after writing critical comments online about Moscow’s aggression in Ukraine. And a third faced what the journalist says might seem “a more prosaic” situation but one that may be even more disturbing.

The FSB called in Yury Kuznetsov and pointed out to him the risk he was running because “there is a crisis in the country and [at present] you have good work,” an implicit threat that he could lose his job if he continues to oppose Moscow’s policies with regard to Ukraine in any way.

Perhaps even more seriously, the Russian security service threatened his father’s position in its ranks. They pointed out that “your father is in our organization. He’s a respected man, he has worked many years, we know, and he is still working,” again implicitly threatening that all that could change as well.

Asked by the FSB why he is supporting Ukraine, Kuznetsov said he responded that his cousin, a Russian, lives in Ukraine and that his Russian nationality “has not interfered with his ability to make a good career” and that he has even been promoted in the time since the Maidan events.

Such actions of intimidation recall Stalin’s times, and it is perhaps appropriate that they are being reported today on what is the 135th anniversary of the birth of the Soviet dictator.

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  • David Olund

    The Russian people need to wake up. Putin in order to protect his billions of dollars and his crony’s billions of dollars is taking the Russian people into the black abyss. Soon the Russian people will be living inside a virtual Stalinist prison where are truth and free thinking is shut down and they are enslaved to the State.

    • Calibra

      And who’s problem is that?

      • rgb

        At present it is a problem to the people of Russia, Chechnya, Moldova, Georgia, and now Ukraine. In the future, who knows?

        • Calibra

          Far away places, there are also dangerous dictators in afrika & asia, also not our problem.
          The russians need to fix this problem themselfs, not worth a single western life.

          • David Olund

            I agree not worth a single Western life. But we can use indirect methods to assist those in Russia who may wish liberty. Further agree there are several other dangerous regimes out there as well. I believe it is good to offer assistance to those who aspire to Liberty, but in the end they have to fight their own battles and seize that Liberty. We can only do so much and if the oppressed can not see they are oppressed and have the courage to do something about it, they end up with what they have allowed to happen.

          • Michel Cloarec

            They know they are oppressed ! But if you have a family , you have to shut up to survive. That is how the great leaders of urss/sovjet/russia have been doing in 100 years .
            1991 revolution is not over yet ! Only little delated !

          • Michel Cloarec

            Russia of today with General Great Wlad the savior is threatening the world´s peace ! So anything done to stop him , whatever it is , is welcomed help !
            It is the FREE world problems !
            There has been another like him in the 30s. Remember how it ended !

  • Michel Cloarec

    It is the beginning of the end ( Churchill)
    Gestapo methods we know already about !
    So we can guess how things will end ! TERROR ! KGB ! GULAG ! And so on !

  • Michel Cloarec

    Putin: No One Can ‘Intimidate Or Isolate’ Russia
    Nobody likes to see someone being humiliated G7-1/G20-1 / sour press conference.
    Nobody wants to intimidate russia ! What for ?
    Nobody wants to isolate russia ! What for ?
    The world only ask Putin to be a gentleman and act humanly. Why send young russian soldiers to be killed ? Why send tanks to Ukrainia , those tanks have shells !
    Shells kill !
    Please mr Putin, make peace and you will have your place among the great men and women of this world. Don´t you want Mr Putin to be remembered as a man of the world ?
    It can´t be funny to read shit about you everyday ! Do you think your children like to read about how papa is disliked everydays in news, on papers etc….
    Only you mr Putin can resolve all this. It is so easy for you, because you have the power to stop everything and life will return to normal. Think how much more money you could save and distribute to russian people. The pensioners would love to have it little better. The mothers of soldiers would be so happy to have their sons at Christmas and New Year.
    Do that and I promise I will defend you !