Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense wants to triple budget, enlarge army




Ukraine’s Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak presented the 2015 military budget in the Verkhovna Rada on Friday, December 12, requesting UAH 50 billion — more than three times the current budget, reports BBC Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense is proposing a budget of UAH 50bn for 2015, Stepan Poltorak said during his appearance at the Verkhovna Rada. He explained that the guaranteed budget for 2014 was UAH 15bn and that 11bn was taken from the reserve fund. Additionally, he said the Ministry of Defense plans to significantly increase the size of the army to 250,000.

According to Poltorak, next year the ministry wants to create new divisions and units, special operations forces, and four operational commands with territorial administrative control.

Poltorak also reported on plans to relocate military units from the western to the eastern borders of Ukraine since that is where the danger to the country lies. “We redeployed the naval fleet from Crimea, so we plan to spend on their relocation and settlement,” he said.

New weapons and enlarged army

Additionally, Poltorak said the ministry plans to spend UAH 7.45bn on new weapons — UAH 5.7bn going to domestic manufacturers and 1.74bn for imported equipment. Almost UAH 2bn is allocated for modern communications and the creation of specialized military units. Total personnel costs are estimated at UAH 15bn, with 2.8bn for base salaries and 1.56bn for food.

The size of the army will increase significantly, with plans calling for the addition of 40,000 enlisted personnel and 10,500 contract military.

“Army numbers have increased. Right now they are at 232,000 military as compared to 130,000 last year. They will increase to 250,00 people,” he said.

Adapted from article in BBC Ukraine. 

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: BBC Ukraine

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  • George

    The increase in spending is necessary providing it does not end up in some kleptocrat’s pocket as is the normal procedure up to now.

  • Don Casavant

    I don’t know if Ukraine can afford to triple the current budget. I am sure that the Kiev government will give him all they can. In fact I know they have already started to raise some of the money. The first car wash and bake sale are scheduled for next weekend! 😉

  • Paul P. Valtos

    Well it will be necessary that all funds be monitored to assure that they wind up at their final destination. Inherited corrupt ideology from the Stalinist era is ingrained in Ukrainians as a survival method but Ukrainians are now entering into a civilized era where there is no need to steal. Anyone that does gets locked up or maybe sent to southern Russia to be starved like East Ukraine.

    • canuke

      Absolutely. A total waste unless it gets to the end user. Ukraine must route out corruption!

  • Murf

    Ukraine should add a least three brigades, one Armored and two Mechanized with an Artillery brigade.
    they have already stood up a new artillery Brigade the 44th. The 51st has been disbanded after Ilovansk and a new one the 14th is being put to gather.
    This would be equal to 9 Mech/Armored brigades or 3 divisions.

  • DejaVu

    This isn’t enough. They need to spend more than triple the times to account for post-1991 rot and corruption. Also keep in mind there is alot of missing inventory and equipment that likely went onto the black market.

  • Thoma_s

    No-no-no. Old russian style thinking. Ukraine dont need 250k soldiers. Never did, never will. They need something more like 100k, better trained and better equiped. Russia can never sucessfully invade Ukraine if they have this (without using nukes – but then y can have 1 mill…). The balance between operating cost and investements in new material is horribel. About 50% should go to material, especially since its a lag there….