Aggression against Ukraine leads to Russia’s catastrophic fall



Article by: Herman Obukhov
Ukraine is not Russia and Donbas is not Chechnya. Everything is much worse. On December 25, 1979 the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan in order to “support the revolt of the fraternal Afghan nation.” The war with the Mojahedin began, which lasted ten years and took the lives of over 15 thousand Soviet soldiers and officers. Over 53 thousand servicemen were wounded, injured or traumatized. Almost half a million people became ill with various diseases on foreign territory under difficult anti-sanitary conditions of war.

This war cost the USSR no less than six billion dollars per year and finally ruined the economy which was not flourishing to begin with. In 1980 the West boycotted the Olympic Games in Mostoc, however this had little influence on the minds of the ‘Kremlin dreamers.’ A little later the leader of leading Western countries decided to punish the Soviet Union economically for such audacious military behavior and they, as many historians and political experts think, made the oil prices fall. In mid-1985 one barrel of oil cost eight dollars instead of 35 and the Soviet Union lost a reliable source of income. On March 8, 1983, U.S. President Ronal Reagan called the USSR “an Evil Empire,” insisting on the principal lack of morality within the Soviet totalitarian regime. Eight years later the Soviet Union, as a result of the Western sanctions and the war in Afghanistan, ceased to exist.

However, the “Evil Empire” did not die, it returned to us in another form. The war in eastern Ukraine is ‘Afghanistan 2.0.’ It is difficult to say how much it will cost Russia, but it is obvious that the price will be very high and the result will be similar to the result of what happened in Afghanistan. “Only fools learn from their mistakes,” said Otto von Bismarck. The current Kremlin leadership does not even want to learn from others’ mistakes. They can beat Ukraine on paper and in a computer game, but not on the battlefield or the market. Only not very smart people who lost sight of reality could begin war with no prospects of winning.

Already in a year’s time, according to my calculations, the economy will fall catastrophically in Russia, which will lead to mass protests. The pensioners who defend Crimeaisours, foaming at the moth, today, will be just as angry when they shame the Kremlin and demand that Crimea be given to Ukraine, without the possibility of buying even a piece of sausage with their pensions. This will happen swiftly and unexpectedly. This reminds me of the lines from Krylov’s fable: “Ah, Moska [a small dog], means it’s strong as it barks at an elephant…” Today the entire world is the ‘elephant,’ with which the Kremlin leadership and Putin personally decided to compare their strength. It remains a mystery what they were thinking by challenging all of humanity.

The Kremlin residents live for today. They are not very concerned what happens to the country tomorrow, their main concern is the oil price, their survival guarantee. Putin is at a crossroads: go forth – you lose your head, go right – you won’t get back aline, go left – you die, go back – you’ll find your death. There is nothing left but to point at the United States and say: “It is all them, the hypocrites!” ‘They’ organized Maidan to ruin Ukraine and damage Russia, ‘they’ bait two fraternal nations against each other and ‘they’ send Russian troops to fight with Ukraine.

Civilization is over the epoch of canons, when everything is decided by the number of ships and canons. Russia has nuclear weapons which the chekists, full of bravado, use to blackmail the whole world. It won’t help. However, the chekists know how to bluff and show four aces they don’t have. Why, you ask? Why confront the world where all of their children, wives, lovers, capital, property, all of their glamorous life is? To lose it all at once – what for? How will the Kremlin’s new plan end, nobody knows. Only it is most probably that it will end badly, and not only for the Russian government. Whenever and however peace comes to Donbas, the people who died for someone’s ambitions cannot be brought back. An eternal curse will hang over every person who pulled the trigger or gave orders to destroy.

The war has become different: the only one who will be able to restore fraternal relations between Russia and Ukraine is the one who finds courage to tell the truth about all the crimes committed by the Russian government. The one who says to Ukraine: we made a mistake, please forgive us.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina

Source: Radio Liberty

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  1. Avatar DemocracyJA says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA We’re having a most enjoyable VIKING right now.

  2. Avatar Rods says:

    Most empires are destroy from within by their self-serving, kleptomaniac, incompetent leaders, it happened with the Soviet Union and the same will happen to Russia as Siberia, Chechnya and other regions form their own countries, when once again Russia implodes under Putin’s misrule.

    1. Avatar Michael Couck says:

      I promise you a bottle of 25 year old Macallan when this becomes a reality. Make that 35 year old!

  3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    Crash you bunch of apes, then take your country back from the kgb criminal mob.
    by Tatiana Stanovaya from IMRUSSIA:

    “oligarchic risks” are connected with the desire of the businessmen
    close to Putin to distribute assets among themselves and at the same
    time obtain privileged working conditions. These measures are being
    offered as a sort of compensation for the damages caused
    by sanctions—compensation that would be paid by taxpayers who still
    believe that Russia is surrounded by enemies.”

    1. Avatar Eddy Verhaeghe says:

      Milton, why on earth depict all Russians as apes? Their not apes at all, but people that for centuries suffered at the hands of their rulers and their vasals. Your post would convince more people if you just stopped that insulting practice. It’s easy, you only have to replace ‘Crash you bunch of apes’ with ‘Russians dump Putin & C°’.

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        “why on earth depict all Russians as apes”
        ‘ape’ is easier to type than baboon. From Winston Churchill, November 1918,
        “Russia is being rapidly reduced by the Bolsheviks to an animal form of
        Barbarism….Civilization is being completely extinguished over gigantic
        areas, while the Bolsheviks hop and caper like troops of ferocious
        baboons amid the ruins of cities and the corpses of their victims.”

        Whenever russians start acting more like humans and less like packs of wilding baboons, I’m sure non-russians will view them differently.

      2. Avatar Sergey Tokarev says:

        How Boeing crash investigation is going on? Why, in your opinion, Ihor Kolomoysky said that they downed the wrong liner? You pretend to be a psychologist.

  4. Avatar anonymous says:

    Political motives are all smoke screen for criminals with one life or death struggle: Hold onto power. The “truth” one may come forward this year or not for decades. Ukrainians will forgive because they do not blame all Russians; they blame one.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      However the “one” has overwhelming support from the russians. If russians can stop that madman like the Germans tried to do with their hitler, russia could be saved. But too many russians are standing up and cheering putin and his conquests to notice…..

      1. Avatar anonymous says:

        Polls of support from Russians may not be what they appear. As one Russian told me; “if someone called me on the phone and asked if I approve Putin, of course I would say yes; I would not know who was on the other end”. The real effectiveness of propaganda may not be as appears.

        1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          I understand that.
          But russians have let/allowed themselves to be, yet again, ruled over by a dictatorial, criminal thug.
          And it is/was russians that are in Dagestan
          And it is/was russians that are in Chechnya
          And it is/was russians that are in Ingushetia
          And it is/was russians that are in Georgia
          And it is/was russians that are in Crimea
          And it is/was russians that are in Ukraine

          So it seems that it’s not a single person to blame, rather, the blame is on russians themselves.

          So the problem was and continues to be ‘russians’.
          It’s not the fault of innocent people that russians always let themselves be ruled by criminal madmen. Innocent people continue to pay a heavy price because of russians.
          And until russians fix their own country–and stay out of other countries–russians themselves ARE the problem for us humans.

          1. Avatar anonymous says:

            Although as an “American”, I might agree with this viewpoint; I do not believe Ukrainians look at the Russian “problem” in this way. Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian are very close as persons. Whatever criminally or politically motivated monster leads any part of those governments, the people are not so antagonistic to each other. I don’t think any monster will change that “brotherliness”.

          2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            …and the Ukrainians are rapidly realizing that they and the russians “can never be brothers”.
            Most of the former slaves of russia (combloc citizens) definitely do not like russians. They look at them as a big bully that has been forced into their family.

          3. Avatar anonymous says:

            Many Ukrainians/Belorussians/Russians have mixed blood lines. To say a Ukrainian to mean pure Ukrainian, is a minority even in Ukraine. It is a small elite group of Russians mixed with other nationalities (communists, Putinists) which enslaved Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact and current Russian dominated “Republics”. Stalin was Georgian. Many “Russian” leaders were not Russian. Ukrainians are not going to hate there Russian selves.

  5. Avatar Paul P. Valtos says:

    It seems historical that the Russian people seem to wind up saddled with screwballs who have nothing in mind but power. Peter the Great tried to get the Russian people out of the misery of the steppes, beards and leather clothing. They then wind up with Ivan the Terrible who liked nothing more than to hang people from hooks and scaffolds rather than kill them outright. Then Lenin the Mongol and Stalin who was determined, not by thought but fear, to bring industrialization to Russia. How many dead bodies did he build this formidable monster with. Then the disaster of a bankrupt state when all of the assets of the state were put in military equipment due to paranoia of threats from without and xenophobia from within. There is no psychiatric clinic for a nation but maybe just an ass kicking will do. Unfortunately we have no idea how many will die doing that.

    1. Avatar Michael Couck says:

      Too true Paul. Been in a war, not nice.

  6. Avatar Paul P. Valtos says:

    I understand that some “Russians” are raising hell in Latvia. Latvia should issue them Russian passports and deport them to Russia. They don’t need the grief.

    1. Avatar Michael Couck says:

      Excellent idea! Agreed.

  7. Avatar sandy miller says:

    Very good article. Euromaidan press please make sure I can see the other comments on this page.