Russian media lies: Poroshenko awards medal to his son


War in the Donbas

Russian media published a video claiming that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko awarded a medal to his son, Olexiy, which does not correspond to reality. Russian television also scares its audience with “Kyiv fascism” and calls for murder. 

Russian TV channel Zvezda shared a video in which a woman from Donetsk says that the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko allegedly awarded a medal to his eldest son. She is the mother of one of the children who were wounded during the shelling of the school in Donetsk. In the video, the woman offers Petro Poroshenko to come to Donbas and sit in a basement under artillery fire.

“Poroshenko awarded a medal to his son who says that he is fighting in the ATO, but why doesn’t he give posthumous medals to our murdered children?” she says indignantly.

It is obvious that the woman has fallen victim to the lies on Russian websites that spread such information. Petro Poroshenko never awarded medals or merits to his son, which is evidenced by the list of his orders on the official page of the Ukrainian President’s Administration. One can also see that the surname Poroshenko is absent from the orders ‘on state merits’ on the Ukrainian President’s official web page.

Uncompromising statements in Russian First Channel studio

The Time Will Tell program on the Russian First Channel discussed the events in Ukraine, particularly the tragedy in Donetsk. They spoke about the dead and injured teenagers who suffered from a shell that fell onto a sport complex near middle school #63. The anchor said: “Yet another horrible tragedy – a shell from Ukrainian troops fell onto a stadium where children were playing.”

Then came the comment from political expert Alexandr Kliukin. He claimed that the Ukrainian Parliament includes “a real party of war,” and that allegedly Ukrainian journalists are not saying a word about the tragedy that happened in Donetsk, while western journalists “turn away in shame” from reporting on such events.

“Destroying children, shooting at schools, it is a real Leningrad blockade what Kyiv fascism is doing,” said Maksim Shevchenko, member of the Russian presidential human rights council, live on air. He also added that war will break out in all of Ukraine. He openly called for Poltava oblast to rise up and “advance on Kyiv”: “I believe in this and I call for this to happen.” Alexandr Kofman, the ‘vice-speaker’ of so-called ‘Novorossiya,’ stated that the region needs Russia’s help. The term ‘Novorossiya’ was the only name used in this First Channel program to designate part of Ukrainian territory.

Later came a comment from lawyer Mikhail Tsyvin. He said that so-called Luhansk and Donetsk republics will fall, terrorism will break out at the Russian border, and therefore he openly called to kill. “The hydra must be destroyed in her own lair before it has spread like vipers,” he said. The program also included calls to “liberate” the towns of Mariupol and Kramatorsk, which was seconded by Alexandr Kofman. At the end of the program, Boris Litvinov came live on air by phone. He is considered to be the deputy head of the ‘high council’ of the ‘DNR.’ He stated that all of Ukraine is built on lies and ‘Goebbels propaganda.’ As to this comparison, some months ago Russian President Vladimir Putin called Goebbels an example of a “talented propagandist” at a meeting with the representatives of Jewish communities.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina

Edited by: Melinda K. Busch

Source: Radio Liberty

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  1. Avatar Paul P. Valtos says:

    The Russians have seen so much bullshit medals given under threats of the gun to Politburo members. Stalin was a Generalismo but never was in a war. This crap is something that a normal Russian would believe after 70 years of the most nefarious charade by Communist leaders. The only thing Stalin was good for besides murdering people was robbing banks. Talk about brainwashing. What was sane is now insane or following the rules of the old USSR and of course why not give your son a medal because in the old USSR they gave unearned medals to anyone who was in the know. Just like bread, meat, education, jobs that were not work, and titles exact like the old goddamn nobility that they supposedly overthrew.

    1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

      Russia continues to exemplify Michels’ ‘Iron law of oligarchy.’ Will never grasp the model of democracy.

  2. Avatar Marko says:

    Russia is a uncivilized barbaric cruel nation. 80 years of communism are genetically changed their brains. Russians are fascists who think that are anti-fascists. Lying and violence are their way of life. What disgusting nation.