Maidan activist: Poroshenko’s inertia is beyond reason



Article by: Volodymyr Parasiuk

The Russian army has entered the territory of Ukraine once again. Our president and leadership of the majority bloc have been following the example of our European friends, expressing empty gestures of indignation and outrage.

Our entire country is expecting decisive steps to be taken regarding the conflict in the East, but instead all we get are games of grandiose politics and speculation on how best to divide the political appointments.

It is apparent that our president is unaware of which country he leads. How does he justify himself? Our soldiers are taken prisoner, and there is no reaction. “Humanitarian” convoys from Russia keep entering the country, and there is no reaction. The terrorists hold elections, and the Russian army no longer tries to hide its presence in Ukrainian territory. To this day we still do not have a clearly stated position or a concrete plan of action.

If it seems that I am criticizing the president, it is because I am criticizing the president. His inertia is beyond reason. The President of Ukraine cannot be and has no right to be so indecisive, because every day now for nearly a year people have been fighting and dying not only for this country but for their own dignity, as well as for a better life.

Trips throughout the world and populist speeches have little value now compared with the need to defend ourselves against Russia’s aggression. So many promises made to the Ukrainian nation have gone unfulfilled. You have fooled people and are placating them again with meaningless promises, but the fact remains that while everyone is preoccupied with events in the East, all you are doing is posturing for a better deal for yourself. It seems to me that you are using this war to your political advantage, because people are asking fewer questions and because war can become a distraction from any number of mistakes and sins; there is no concerted attention paid at such a time to bureaucratic decisions and questionable schemes. However, one thing is certain, dear senior politicians: the way things were will never be like that again. While you are preoccupied with forming a new coalition, our young soldiers in the East are freezing and dying.

And now a word to Yatseniuk and Avakov. In all likelihood you are fine gentlemen, but your reputation throughout Ukraine is a total disgrace. And so it all repeats again, the extortion of high positions, and a self-absorbed bureaucracy and military. Just don’t forget that Maidan 3 is not an impossibility.

Translated by: Jeffrey Stephaniuk

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