Memorial to Turkish soldiers desecrated in Sevastopol



Unknown persons desecrated the Memorial, erected in memory of fallen Turkish soldiers and officers during the Crimean War (1853-56).

Rahim Humbatov, head of the Crimean Azerbaijani Community reported that crescents and stars were torn or broken off on the gravestones of the memorial complex; debris was scattered across the whole territory.

He stated that these persons also destroyed road signs pointing to the Memorial site; the signs were posted along the road leading to Sevastopol through Sapun Mountain.

Humbatov pointed out that such acts of vandalism had never occurred before March, when Russia annexed Crimea.

The Crimean ‘government’ has not yet commented on this information.

Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Source: Radio Liberty

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  1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Putin’s monkeys drunk again. Remove this cancer from Ukraine!!

  2. Avatar Murf says:

    Disrespecting the graves of fallen soldiers, even the enemy, shows how base and without honor they are.
    There is little honor left in war and even less glory but respecting the fallen is one thing civilized people can do.
    Well I guess I know the answer to that. You have to be civilized in the first place.