Ukrainian tank plant ramps up production, introduces third daily shift


War in the Donbas

Article by: Peter Dutczyn

Ukrainian‬ President Petro Poroshenko‬ and Vladimir Putin will meet in Milan, at a summit of the heads of state of the EU and Asia, Poroshenko confirmed during a meeting with activists of Kharkiv‬ Region, 5 Kanal TV reported at 4pm today Kyiv time.

According to Poroshenko, he hopes that the talks will be successful and will help implement a significant portion of the peace plan.

While in Kharkiv, Poroshenko visited the Malyshev plant, talked to personnel of the automotive factory and was shown around the workshops.
He particularly praised the advanced T-84 Oplot tank and said that a record number of tanks were planned to be delivered for the first time next month.

The plant has switched to a three-shift working day in order to ramp up production rates. The Malyshev plant manufactures T-64 tanks, Bulat T-64BM battle tanks and BTR-4 armoured personnel carriers.

Poroshenko told the channel: “A sign of confidence in the future is the fact that a significant amount of parts have been purchased. I believe that in November, the largest number of tanks and APCs will be built for the first time which the Ukrainian military desperately needs.”


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