Defence stepped up in Ukrainian strategic city of Mariupol



War in the Donbas

Work is under way to reinforce Mariupol, a coastal city on the Sea of Azov, and its outskirts, 5 Kanal TV reported at 9am Kyiv time on 9 October.

The defence line of this strategic city has three levels. The first and the second ones are the checkpoints outside the city. Additional concrete roadblocks are being installed there at the moment. The military are inspecting every vehicle going from Donetsk to Mariupol. Volunteers are bringing warm clothes and food for the servicemen.

The third level of the defence line is inside the city.
Training for policemen in charge of Mariupol defence is also being held in the city.

On 8 October, the Interior Ministry’s Sokil special purpose battalion, together with the Mariupol traffic police, inspected private vehicles and checked the IDs of drivers on Pobedy Avenue to detect the subversive and reconnaissance groups.

Translated by: Peter Dutczyn

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  • Michel Cloarec

    That is as it should be !
    Nice works !

  • pinguinul

    nice propaganda , but they always ran in the end .

    • disqus60

      probably explains how they were able to recapture 2/3rds of the territory formerly held by terrorists huh?

      • Milton Devonair

        the russians ran out of girls to rape–that’s why they left for other areas.

    • Murf

      Tell that to the :”Cyborgs” at the Dontsk Airport,
      That was Round 1, Skippy, Round 2 will be different.
      The Ukrainians have shown one thing; They can take a hit and keep coming back for more.
      The winner of a fight is one who can get up one more time than the loser.

      • Milton Devonair

        Ukrainians have always had a strong spirit. russians have always been little more than just baboon packs of trash.

      • Tooni

        Ok, could you tell me please wtf is Cyborgs?

        • Murf

          Allegedly a rebel called the Airport defenders “Cyborgs” because they fought like half man half machine. I could not swear it’s true.
          But that’s how these things begin.

  • Murf

    Nice to see the BTR 4 in the picture. The camouflage pattern would indicate it is a new one. Shows that Kyiv is not playing around about holding Mariupol. The city is the real prize of Donetsk.

    • Donald Casavant

      I totally agree Murf! Without Mariupol, Putlier cannot have his “land bridge” to the Crimea!

      • Murf

        Not only that, most of the commerce for southern Russian passes through there. It also has one of the largest steel plants in UA.
        Donetsk is (or was) but nothing that happens there can’t be done somewhere else.
        Putin got part of two rust belt provinces a barren peninsula with a port he already had access to.
        People say he is smart but I just don’t see it.

  • Milton Devonair

    Mines. Put out rings of minefields with “S” shaped lines of approach. You guys know where the arty goes. Now let the russian apes come and slaughter them like the invading, raping and looting vermin they are.
    That has been the only thing russians have ever understood and accepted.

  • Pazorec

    Well, yes! We need that beefed up security and it can always get better! Out here in Mariupol, folks are serious about holding this city!