Shop selling Putin T-shirts opens in New York

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A store calling itself “Peacekeeper” opened in New York City (video) in Manhattan on Tuesday, specializing in selling propaganda T-shirts which heroize Russian President Vladimir Putin and some mocking the famous V.J. Day in Times Square photograph to promote Crimea’s occupation. . The store was opened by Julius Kacinskis, who has Russian and Lithuanian roots but was born and lives in the US.

Propaganda T-shirts have become popular in Moscow, and recently a Russia-funded photojournalism art gallery was opened in the city to propagandize Russia’s position on Ukraine and democracy. The Russian president was heroized in a separate art gallery in commemoration of his birthday recently, showing the growth of his cult of personality.

Edited by: Mat Babiak

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  • Alex Ku

    That is like a Charles Manson shirt factory.
    One crazy to another

  • Edison

    Most New Yorkers know a scam when they see it.

  • sandy miller

    Disgusting still. USA has sanctioned Russia…how can they allow this dirt bag to propagandize and glamorize Putler. What if someone had done that in the USA while Hitler was killing Jews in europe? Would that be acceptable?

    • Alex

      Ukrainians should open shops like this t-shirt place in Manhattan all over North-America and sell copies everywhere…. The proceeds can go to help the Ukrainian army and the children affected by the war in the Donbas

  • Jack McColley

    It’s nice to see that Russia has taken Crimea into its fold. It’s so much better to have a poor area completely under one’s control, rather than see it thrive under a western leaning Ukraine. They did a good job in South Ossetia, Abkhazia, and Transdeinester also. Keep them poor and dependent, and life will be good (for Russians that is). The Bear continues to devour its poor neighbors.

    • Don Casavant

      100% agree! Great post

  • Dirk Smith

    Sputnik $$ at work. How about promoting the movies on Maidan to counter Sputnik propaganda $$$. That would dominate any Sputnik efforts.