Plant in Donetsk on fire as fighting continues at airport


War in the Donbas

A fire in Donetsk lit by pro-Russian militants had hit the Tochmash plant in the Kyivsky district of the city. The plant is in the north of Donetsk near the airport.

Journalists and eyewitnesses are uploading photos and video footage to social media with a description saying that the city and its surroundings have come under fire.

A video said to show the Tochmash plant on fire was uploaded:

Meanwhile, the city council reported that the situation in the city was tense. The military operations are under way near the airport and Putylivskiy highway.
Seven more sub-stations have been cut off due to the firing. In total, 23 substations remain without electricity supplies in Donetsk, the statement said.

On the night of Sunday, pro-Russia militants attacked the Kuybyshivskyy and Kyivsky districts of Donetsk.

Photo:  @666_mancer

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