Russian Anti-war Movement officially formed in Moscow



Article by: Marcin Żmudzki

In Russia, a historic event occurred on September 18, 2014. After a series of preparatory discussions, a large group of activists officially formed the Russian Anti-war Movement. It was not certain until the last minute where exactly the founding meeting could take place, as talks about gaining access to a conference room lasted more than a week, but ultimately the group was able to meet at the Sakharov Center in Moscow. More than two dozen activists sat around a round table to articulate their ideas, needs and goals. Their decision to found the Russian Anti-war Movement was unanimous. In addition to over 24 people who attended the event in person, an even greater number of sympathizers from Russia, Canada, Latvia, Georgia and Montenegro supported the decision that was made at the conference.

The people who agreed to start the new Russian Anti-war Movement brought with them different experiences and represented various perspectives. They included well-known politicians and several political activists and civic activists of the current era (also referred to as the Russian Maidan of 2011-2014) as well as dissidents and democrats who were active in the years immediately following the perestroika era in Russia. Below is a partial list of participants (English transliterations of their names are subject to correction):

  • Andrei Illarionov and Piontkovskii, well-known politicians;
  • Alexei Kandaurov, Olga Kurnosov and Lolita Tsariyu, democrats of the first post-perestroika wave;
  • An economics professor from the Higher School of Economics;
  • Elena Galkina, publicist;
  • Konstantin Eremenko, one of the leaders of the March for the Federalization of Siberia;
  • Kate Maldon (Екатерина Мальдон), activist, Movement of Mothers with Many Children (движение многодетных матерей);
  • Mark Galperin, founder of the group “We”;
  • Dmitry Barma, activist;
  • Ildar Daditna, civic activist;
  • Pavel Shelkov, founder of the Committee for Solidarity with the Maidan, who also came up with the original idea to found the Russian Anti-war Movement.

Founders of the Russian Anti-war Movement include many other beautiful and distinguished individuals who are united in their opposition against Putin’s aggression in Ukraine. Our movement has no leaders and no politburo. We are open to everyone who is ready to: (a) sign our appeal, (b) send in details to register his or her membership and (c) actively participate in the fight against the aggression in Ukraine. All signatories to our appeal will be considered co-founders of the Russian Anti-war Movement. We encourage everyone to print our appeal, sign it, scan it and send it back to the Russian Anti-war Movement. Join us!

Together we will stop the war!

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The Appeal in Russian:

Russian Anti-war Movement Appeal

The Appeal in PDF format can be found here:

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Email: [email protected]



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