Kosovo imposes sanctions on Russia



The Kosovo government decided on Wednesday to impose sanctions against Russia, which are analogous to the sanctions imposed by the EU and the USA, Kosovo media report.

The decision is effective immediately, stated Prime Minister Hashim Tachi.

According to Foreign Affairs Minister Enver Khodzhai, this decision was approved due to the situation in Ukraine and taking into account that Kosovo is adhering to its obligations according to the Treaty for stabilization and association with the European Union and is a reliable European-Atlantic partner.

According to him, this aims to support the maintenance of the world order and punish those who violated the sovereignty of independent Ukraine and those who are responsible for Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Finance Minister Besin Bechai called the decision very important. He added that his Ministry and the customs and tax services will investigate economic activity which does not accord with the sanctions.

No details of the sanctions have been published.

There are no relations between Kosovo and Russia, which does not acknowledge its independence.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina

Source: Radio Liberty

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  1. Avatar Aliaksei Chystabayeu says:

    I am sure that this step is done with the aim of Kosovo to Russia as it has responded to those sanctions, and thereby recognizing Kosovo as a state. I hope Russia will simply ignore and thus once again reminded that Kosovo – is Serbia’s territory which temporarily was occupied by EU and NATO.

  2. Avatar Marko says:

    Kosovo is not Serbian and never will be. Under Serbia was just because it was occupied by the Serbian army and police. They voted for independence in a referendum. If it applies to “ours” Crimea is also valid for Kosovo? The Russians, who do you think you are, to give orders about how to live other nations? History has shown that you are liars and you are not trustworthy. You are a barbaric nation which has caused much misery in all the countries bordering on you. You need to be isolated, until you become civilized.

  3. Avatar TheRealist says:

    I live in Republic of Kosovo but i don’t recognize any of those names…