Soldiers of the Russian Federation shot a seriously wounded Ukrainian colonel, reports journalist




Colonel Borys Kyforenko, commander of a Ukrainian communications brigade with Operational Command “South”, who had already been badly wounded, was later shot at close range by the Russians, according to Yuri Butusov from, who posted the account on his Facebook page.

“As a senior officer, he knew it was dangerous for him to remain at Ilovaisk. However, he also understood the need to continue providing communications while the situation remained hostile. He felt a personal responsibility toward his subordinates, not willing to risk their lives if he were not risking his own…. The plan was for Operational Command “South” to surrender, except captivity would have also meant exposing their brothers in arms from among the volunteer battalions. No one had considered these implications,” wrote the journalist.

“Those who served with him say that he was a fine officer, for whom a sense of duty and combat fellowship were the most important principles in life. He was a consummate professional in the area of military communications. He was ready for battle that day, was seriously wounded in both hands, and then was captured. When he was brought to a Russian vehicle, one of the Russian officers ordered him to get aboard. It was physically impossible for him to do so. That’s when he was executed…. Eternal Memory to a true soldier,” Butusov concluded.

Source:, Translated by Jeffrey Stephaniuk
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  • nysq1

    Sorry for the loss of this fine man. He is what Ukraine needs-not the Azov batallion.

  • Walter Salmaniw

    Clearly a war crime was committed here. I pray that those responsible will be held to account and punished accordingly.

    • Dirk Smith

      One of many from the muscovite fascists.

  • Carol Dove

    May he R.I.P.

  • Kate Litvak

    To the copywriters: the correct English expression for “застрелен” is “shot and killed” or “executed”, not simply “shot”. “Shot” alone means he is still alive. Please fix the heading and the text.

  • Espinassons

    This is no a war crime, but normal criminal behaviour, typically russian way of life.

  • korpiveli

    Heve you notified osce, amnesty and hrw?

  • Murf

    I’ll raise a glass for this soldier I never met. “To absent comrades.”
    As Abraham Lincoln said at Gettysburg. “They gave their last full measure of devotion.”
    Just as that battle and war defined my nation as so to is this war coming to define modern Ukraine.
    It’s heros and villains, it’s triumphs and tragedies.
    Ukraine has independant for 20 years but now she is becoming a nation.
    Godspeed. to you all.

    • sandy miller

      Murf…your comment made me cry. Ukrainians are the true hero’s of the world… where the rest sit, wait like the greedy cowards they are…Ukraine fights once again for it’s freedom and for theirs with almost nothing but sticks and stones. When will it stop so Ukrainians can move forward in the world with freedom and peace in their land. May this soldier of Ukraine fly with the angels..

      • Murf

        In truth Sandy I was crying when I wrote it.
        God I am getting soft in my old age.
        Why him and not the thousands of others? We are much the same age and I like to think I would have been that kind of commander in a a similar circumstances when things are going to shit.
        But I guess really it was for all of them.

  • Mazepa

    3 more mockal swine were killed this morning in his honor.
    Vichna Yim Pamyat!