Hitler for schoolchildren: outrage over Russian school diaries portraying leader of Third Reich



Photo: portrait of Hitler placed just above the columns for Grade and Teacher’s Signature

Parents judge brief biography of Adolf Hitler printed in school diaries as inappropriate

One variant of the school diary sparked outrage amongst Ekaterinburg parents. The header above the lined part usually presents information about various people whose names have gone down in history. However, the image and biography of Adolf Hitler were perceived ambiguously. The stern face of the notorious villain of the century was placed directly over the columns reserved for Grade and Teacher’s Signature.

“Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) – as written in the explanatory note – was the founder of National Socialism and the totalitarian dictatorship of the Third Reich, leader (Führer) of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, and Chancellor of Germany (1934-1945). Chief proponent of the Second World War, Hitler is associated with numerous crimes against humanity instigated by the Nazi regime, including German citizens, people in occupied territories and the Holocaust.”

This Russian school diary (A5 format, 48 pages) was printed at a subsidiary of the Smolensk Printing Company.

We got in touch with the printing company to understand their position.

“We print what the publisher gives us, according to the contract… even if we don’t like it. In this case, the client is the publishing house “Vyshaya Shkola” (High School).” stated the company spokesperson.

The publishing house has not responded to our question of why Hitler was pictured in Russian school diaries. According to their advertising slogan, this company publishes every third book in Russia.


Page of Russian school diary

Source: www.e1.ru ,translated by Christine Chraibi

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