Putin lists seven points of his Ukrainian crisis regulation plan



War in the Donbas

During his flight to Mongolia, the President “put together” a plan which presumes a ceasefire, an exchange of hostages and the establishment of humanitarian corridors.

Moscow. September 3. interfax.ru. Russian President Vladimir Putin things that in order to stop the bloodshed and stabilize the situation in the southeast of Ukraine, both sides of the conflict have to agree on and conduct a number of measures.

“First: to stop active advance operations of armed forces, armed formations of the rebellion in the southeast of Ukraine in Donetsk and Luhansk directions,” Putin told the journalists. He explained that he “put together” his own plan to regulate the crisis during his flight to Mongolia.

Second: to remove armed departments of the Ukrainian military forces to a distance that excludes the possibility of fire on residential areas by the artillery and all missile launch systems.

Third: to ensure total and objective international control over the adherence to ceasefire conditions and monitoring of the situation which is thus created in the safe zone.

Fourth: to exclude the usage of military aviation against civilians and localities within the conflict zone.

Fifth: to organize an exchange of hostages in the “all for all” format without any preliminary conditions.

Sixth: open humanitarian corridors for transportation of refugees and delivery of humanitarian cargo into the cities and other localities of Donbas: Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

Seventh: to ensure the possibility of sending renovation brigades to the damaged localities of Donbas in order to restore the objects of social and life infrastructure and to lend them assistance.

Putin thinks that final agreements between the Kyiv government and the representatives of the southeast of Ukraine may be reached and documented during the contact group meeting appointed for September 5 of the current year.


Source: interfax.ru

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • tga999

    I’m sure it just slipped his mind, but how about withdrawing all Russian troops from Ukrainian territory and standing down the additional invasion forces at Ukraine’s border.

    • Donald Casavant

      How can he withdraw troop that are not there? According to Putlier there are NO Russian troops in Ukraine! Just like the Crimea, except he acknowledged later that there were Russian troops in the Crimea, will he do the same for Eastern Ukraine? He has told that lie so many times that I think he really believes it! Everyone in the entire world know for certain that there are Russian troops in Ukraine except the people and government of Russia!

      • Brent

        Oh I’m sure they’ll manage to dig up a few dead “Colorados” that “got lost while on their vacation by the Russian border” that he’s been trying to hide in mass graves in Donbass…

  • Brent

    Wow, what a nice guy that Putin is!!! Looking after Ukraine’s interests like this! Especially for a guy who doesn’t believe Ukrainians and their sovereign country are anything more than a subspecies of Russians… I wonder if he got advance warning from Frau Ribbentrop of the proposed new European sanctions, and how quickly he will deny making this proposal if Europe once again thinks they see his turn signal flashing that he is taking the latest ‘offramp’. Here are some conditionss that he must have overlooked

    1) guarantee that Russia will not cause more unrest in other regions of Ukraine or try to seize the entire south coast as Putin and his minions have hinted at so many times.
    2) removal of all Russian forces to a minimum of 80 kilometers of the Ukrainian border and end to his childish provocative ‘military exercises
    3) no more shooting down civilian aircraft and those who commanded the BUK system he sent to Russia be brought to justice. This was a crime against several nations, not just Ukraine.
    4) Russia should pay for the infrastructure repairs Putin’s terrorists have deliberately enacted like blowing up bridges, damage to flooded mines, damage to airports. However, I recall Frau Ribbentrop promising 500 million Euros from Germany to repair damage so I wonder if this is her ‘bribe’ to Russia who seems to have lots of ‘promises’ and ‘megaprojects’ to pay for
    5) all bribe and extortion money should be repaid to the ‘victims’
    6) all property stolen from Donbass by Putin’s thugs including money, vehicle, cattle be returned to their rightful owners and any other property including the jewelry and personal effects of the victims of MH17 that Girkin wanted delivered to the DPR be returned to their families
    7) that a team of international investigators be allowed to thoroughly investigate the crash scene and recover any other evidence including any remnants of the plane
    8) all terrorists who committed kidnapping, extortion, murder, and assaulted innocent civilians (including those who kidnapped and publicly shamed Iryna Dovhan) are brought to justice. There are lots of video and photo evidence of the perpetrators that not even Russia can deny
    9)) no more firing rockets and missiles from Russia into Ukraine
    10) all aid delivered into Ukraine by Russia be done so under the ICRC
    11) an International peacekeeping force that does not include any Russians, any Americans or any Ukrainians oversee the Donbass region and that Ukraine be allowed to peacefully put its borders back under its own control
    12) removal all of all demised “Colorados” secretly buried in Donbass, to their families in Russia for proper reunification with their grieving families
    13) an open and honest referendum monitored by independent agencies with no guns present, no armed “Colorados” standing outside the polling stations, an agreed to open, fair and honest question asked of ALL DONBASS RESIDENTS, including refugees as to what government they want
    14) an agreement by Russia and its terrorists to respect the language and rights of all that are ethnics other than Russians and who don’t bow to the Moscow patriarchy
    15) Russia agreeing to turning over all ‘hostages’ illegally kidnapped from Ukraine including Nadia Savchenko, Oleg Sentsov and all others
    16) Russia agreeing to hand over all former Ukrainian government officials who have fled to Russia to escape prosecution for any criminal activities they have committed.
    17) open access to all media including Ukrainian throughout the Donbass region

    I’m sure I may have missed a couple, but I certainly didn’t need to fly to Mongolia to come up with these simple suggestions….

    • http://hammernews.com/ hammermann

      Well, you should be negotiating the deal, obviously. Love the renovation brigades along with the humanitarian convoys, who will, as Russians are wont to do, strip everything of value and ship it East, Donbas can live on it’s LOW tech. These are his edicts, let’s see, if there is any possibility to deal with this megalomaniac, what Poro will come up with.

    • Edison

      18) Withdraw all Russian troops and government workers from Crimea.

  • Dirk Smith

    Waste of oxygen. Never trust a mentally ill jackal.

    • Arctic_Slicer

      At this point the world needs to treat him like the boy who cried wolf.

  • Murf

    Time to speak some truths.

    1) UA is loosing. Pure and simple. The Army is not ready to fight the Russians or at best is only barely ready. which could lead to it’s demise.

    2) The West is NOT going to help in any meaning full way other than soothing words and some trinkets.

    3) Putin has demonstrated he ill always “Up the Ante” no matter what the cost.

    4)The UA economy is circling th drain.

    Take the ceasefire. The terms are uninportant because th eRussians will violate them when ever it suits them

    However so can UA and a ceasefire will give the Army time to regroup and regain it’s balance. the Army has come a long way don’t get it shot up in a war that can’t be won
    For the time being.

    Then turn the situation into a “frozen conflict” like south Ossetia and azbackia ( what ever the hell it called.

    What ever they do don’t take the DPR ot LPR back as a part of Ukraine.

    Play th long game. There is nothing lost here that can not be regained at a later time and Putin will not last for ever.

    What is lost?

    Crimea is a barren peninsula with a cool harbor and some off shore oil. It was always millstone around UA’s neck.

    Luhansk is the poorest Oblast in UA. Some coal and metals.

    Donetsk is a bit of a hit. but most of it is out dated industries that cannot survive in the wild with out massive government subsidies.
    Together they are about 6 million Pro Russian voters who will always constitute a restive and disloyal element in UA;s politics. Additionally rebuilding them will be Putin’s problem. Just like Crimea’s economy is going down the crapper so will the DPR/LPR and they will still have to see their products to UA based on simple logistic.

    Without their votes the Party of Regions is hamstrung. Without the PoR in the Rada, UA will be free to develop in either or both directions. Putin will pump as much money as he needs to to control the politicians there.

    Right now Ukraine needs political and social unity more than territory.
    Right now UA has the high tech heavy industry, the emerging IT and the agriculture.
    Donebas is full of rotting past achievement and bleak future. Every dime spent there could have been spent some where were it could be invested in the future.
    The best way to reconquer Donebas is be successful and prosperous.Living well and happy is always the best revenge.

    LET IT GO!

    • Anna Palagina

      You think no one understands that luhansk, crimea and donbass are a deadweight and only suck money? Believe me, everyone knows it.

      The problem here is that “taking ceasefire” will allow putin to put stationary troops in donetsk and luhansk and then use them as a base for future invasion. He is not after Luhansks or Abkhazias or Ossetias. He is after restored Soviet Dump. In ukraine he wants a corridor from russia to Transistria and to have a gray no-NATO zone around Russia, preferably with high crime, no laws and slave-trade. This will allow him to keep his own slaves in check for the fear of “worse”.

      • Murf

        I agree totally with you. Believe me this is not the out come I hoped for.
        the fact is UA is going to have to trade space for time. Russia has the initiative. The UA army is off balance and needs to get this self organized. A ceasefire ids not a treaty or a surreder. they fall apart all the time but anything that breaks the Russian momentum is a plus for Ukraine.
        Time is on UA’s side.
        With time the army will get better trained, equipped and most importantly better leadership.
        The Army has come a long way. In March they could barely get out of the front gate. 6 months later they going tow to two with one of the most powerful militaries in the world and not doing badly. The Russians/Rebels have only had great success in the Ilovaisk pocket and that was only because some knot head didn’t issue the withdrawal order for five freaking days.
        But Putin’s commitment of regular Russian units signals that he is willing to go as far as necessary to win. Which means all out invasion has the be considered. The Army is not ready for that. The army has had difficulty with halved assed rebels. With Russian troops retaking the cities is unlikely. Having a Desert Storm like route is a real possibility.

        The ceasefire is supposedly in place. UA still holds Mariupol which is the most important objective in Donebas, the southern end of the future Gas shale fields in the norther part of the Oblast. They also hold northern Luhansk.
        The rest is rust belt factories and inefficient mines that can not survive without massive subsidies. They also are one of the biggest consumers of Nat gas.
        Let the occupied areas that want independance go their own way. Then the rebuilding will be their problem not UAs. If Russia wants them; best o luck. Just another pit for Putin to throw money into. They will be pariah states just like Transdniestria. No one will do business with them. Their export economies will go down the crapper in no time. However they will have to do business with UA just because of proximity.
        I am just saying look on the bright side. He got the rust belt an the barren peninsula. UA got ride of the disruptive parts of the society, A real national identity, a newborn army and is going to get a lot of support form the west.
        I call that a win.

    • Brent

      What about all the northern parts of Donetsk and Lugansk olbasts that are not under terrorist control? Ukraine should not just abandon them and then open up a corridor from Donbass to Kharkiv. Putin will claim the columns of what we all know are actually Russian soldiers are instead DPR fighters like he is doing in Mariupol. If Mariupol falls into terrorist hands, then they move on to Berdyansk, Melitopol, Kerch and open a land corridor to Crimea. Do you think any chance they won’t also seize Odessa to control the entire Black Sea coastline?

      Not all of the residents in these regions want to be part of Russia and under Putin’s boot heel. 58% of each region is ethnic Ukrainians. We’re hearing from the vocal minority that has more guns and Kremlin backing. I’d hate to see Ukraine walk away from Sloviansk without a fight because many residents were happy to be liberated from Russia terrorist rule and to have Ukraine help rebuild their schools and town. Even “Strelkov”/Girkin lamented that he could not get more than a 1,000 residents of Donbass to join his band of terrorists.

      What Ukraine really needs is Europe and U.S. to finally give some support other than ‘strong words’ and meaningless sanctions. Russia needs a kick in the teeth, and soon. Whether it happens by boots on the ground, or completely shutting down their economy. Enough of the ‘offramps’, giving Putin a chance to ‘save face’, or even accepting his continual lies and delaying tactics by negotiating and then ramping up the invasion when the West thinks he might finally be getting serious about negotiating. It’s time for the pre-pubescent Obama to ‘grow a pair’ and become a man and a real world leader.

      • Murf

        I agree 100%. That is why I wanted a ceasefire, to hold on to the most important parts and give the army breathing room.
        As of right now that’s not going to happen as the Russ are already attacking Mariupol.
        The good news is they have broke the ceasefire in record time and hope fully the Western leaders will be tired of looking like idiots and realize that Putin is a clear and present danger to the EU and NATO.
        Making stand now will be far easier now than later when Putin has the status of having thumbed his nose at NATO/EU.

        • Brent

          I’ve lost faith in our Western leaders caring. Putin agreed today he should not have ‘gone golfing’ after the latest ISIS beheading this week, but at least he is bombing ISIS. Why can’t he bomb the Russian terrorists? After all, Putin says none are Russian!
          As well, 4 out of 5 NATO countries that supposedly agreed to provide weapons to Ukraine mere days ago are now denying it. I never thought I would miss “Dubya” Bush, but at least he or Sarah Palin would have strongly condemned the “Nation of Moscow” or something stupid that could have made me laugh….