Yatseniuk: “Russia and Vladimir Putin are waging a war”


Featured, War in the Donbas

The following is a statement by the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatseniuk:

It is time to call things by their right names: Russia and Vladimir Putin are waging a war. The Russian regime is responsible for the war in Europe, for killing our people, for stealing Crimea, for tormenting millions of Ukrainians. And all for his wish to restore the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union had fallen. And anyone who attempts to restore any empire, will fall with the same disgrace as his predecessors did.

I am sure that we will deal with these challenges. First of all we need to count on our own strength. Self-organization of the whole Ukrainian nation. Struggle at every place, wherever one may be. And help the frontline.

When it comes to the military leadership, we need radical changes in it. I support the President’s position on this.

I would like to thank once again our soldiers who did not abandon their fellows, who did not surrender, who got out of the encirclement, and who are ready to fight again for our country.

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