Russian Soldiers Captured in Ukraine



War in the Donbas

Having realized that even regular artillery and rocket shelling of Ukrainian territory as well as sending mercenaries to eastern Ukraine cannot change the situation in its favor, Russia is deploying more of its regular troops to Ukraine.

On August 25, joint task force of the Ukrainian armed forces and the Security Service of Ukraine detained near the settlement Zerkalny of the Donetsk region ten soldiers of the regiment 331 of Svir Airborne Division 98 of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (military unit 71211).


Russian servicemen were captured with personal documents and weapons. They testified that a battalion of paratroopers was sent by train to the Rostov region of Russia on August 23, and at about 3 am on August 24 the unit was alerted and ordered to march as a part of a convoy consisting of dozens of airborne combat vehicles.

According to one of the detained soldiers, lance-corporal Ivan Melchakov, Russian military knew that they were going to Ukraine and illegally crossed the state border. “My fellow Russians, they’re scrambling our brains. It is actually different here. Not like they say on TV. We, ordinary boys, who were told… we are going here as cannon fodder… I want to go back to see my mom, dad, brother, sister, granny and grandpa…”, – Russian soldier said.

On August 25, the funeral of paratroopers who died under unknown circumstances was held in Pskov region, Russia. The date and circumstances of the death of soldiers were not stated and only their names were announced during the ceremony. Such secrecy suggests that the Russian soldiers were killed in warfare in eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian security forces have released images and video of soldiers who they have identified as Russian paratroopers operating in Ukraine’s east.

On August 25, 2014, near the village of Zerkal’nyj, Donetsk region, Armed Forces of Ukraine in cooperation with Security Service of Ukraine, captured 10 soldiers of 331-st regiment of 98-th Svir division of Airborne Forces of Russian Federation. One of the soldiers, 19-year old Ivan Milchakov, is interrogated in this video and tells about how he was brainwashed by Russian government and fooled by Russian commanders.

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  • Dirk Smith

    A declaration of war.

    • Thomas Zöllner

      Are you proud of being a neo-nazi Mr. Pravy Sektor?

      • Dirk Smith

        Are you referring to the Russian National Unity Nazis fighting for the cowardly muscovites? Their terrorist leaders are former national socialists in the Russian National Unity party. Google or facebook Pavel Gubarev. Turn off RT once in awhile and think for a change.

        • Thomas Zöllner

          I know that already. However, on the Ukrainian side people from Svoboda and Pravy Sektor fighting against the seperatists have exactly the same ideology, pure Nazism. And you have Stepan Bandera as your avatar. You’re just another nazi scum that needs to be crushed like all other ridiculous ideologies. Nazism, Socialism, Communism – all of their supporters deserve death. And you certainly do, too. And by the way, I’m German. During the entire conflict in Ukraine I’ve learned that the term “Untermensch” perfectly fits Ukrainians. You always have been the puppets of the West. You can never do anything by yourselves. And if this escalates to total war, Ukraine will be wiped off the map. I won’t shed a tear.

          • Mat

            Svoboda nor Right Sector are remotely “Nazi”. RS works with Jewish units and the Israeli embassy. You have no clue what you’re talking about.

            And a German calling Ukrainian subhumans? I guess you’re the Nazi.

          • Dirk Smith

            Thanks for your juvenile personal attacks, but your substance is lacking. Congratulations on being German (lol); the Ukrainians can thank you for another stab in the back in the name of oil. When the muscovite vermin is at your door again you can thank Ukrainians for their sacrifice.
            You also forgot to mention the Kornilovotsy brigade, which is an openly ‘Nazi” unit of muscovites currently getting their ass kicked by the Azov Battalion. Your predictable “Nazi” narrative shows your lack of thinking and knowledge as to what is actually happening on Ukrainian soil. The only “Nazis” came from your Godforsaken country and currently from third-world Russia. Slava Bandera!!

          • Milton Devonair

            Wow, no wonder you europeans aren’t trusted with firearms by your governments. Now leave your government housing and report to your government worksite, apparatchik.

          • Brent

            Stepen Bandera’s major crime in the eyes of Russians was that he tried to get an agreement with Germany for an independent Ukraine. Instead, your forefathers threw him into prison for 3 years. YES, YOUR FOREFATHERS. He was assassinated by KGB over 55 years ago and you and the Russians still have nightmares about him?!?!?!

            It’s really ridiculous for a German to be siding with Russians and whining about a Ukrainian (actually born in Austria, and was a citizen of Poland when it was dissected by Germany and the Soviet Union), when Frau Ribbentrop and her vice chancellor are so wiling to sell out Ukraine in order to continue ‘business as usual’ with the “New Russian Fuehrer”. Is it nostalgia for you?

      • Dagmar Schatz

        When, Mr. Zöllner will you ask about the business cards. Your allegations are ridiculous. If you search neo-nazis, look to Russia. There are lots of them,

  • Milton Devonair

    Russians, are you starting to realize you are cykas of putin yet?

  • Brent

    What proof is it going to take for the U.S., the EU and NATO to recognize Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Are they waiting for another civilian airliner and 298 more innocent bystanders to be shot down? Do they not value the lives of the innocent Ukrainians and its soldiers defending their homeland as much as those of other nations?

    “Red Line” Obama, “Cease fire” Merkl and “No Troops” Rasmussen are pathetic in their abandonment of Ukraine. They remind me of the 3 monkeys “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” in their refusal to provide any assistance to a country under open invasion and silence about the mounting evidence.

    • Rods

      The i-word the US and EU will never use is invasion, they will only ever use the words International Law has been broken, that way they needn’t do anything further to help Ukraine.

      By calling it an invasion, they would have to take steps with sanctions that they are not prepared to take. Just ask the questions; who is the biggest oil and gas exporter Ukraine or Russia? Which is the biggest market for German goods Ukraine or Russia? Whose airspace is need to supply Afghanistan and which has joint projects with the US for rocket motors and lifts to and from the International Space Station? If it wasn’t for MH17 where the West had to be seen to do something then sanctions would still be limited to a few token individuals.

      Although Ukraine is fighting to essentially keep ‘western’ values against the exact opposite of those of the bullying, nasty, evil, Kremlin dictator Putler, the US have stated that Ukraine is of no strategic interest and in the EU economics will always take priority over principles and Putler knows it. Like the 1930’s save money and political capital now to have to spend much, much, more of it later. The eventual cost will be the Baltic states and NATO as a creditable defence organisation.

      In my opinion the west should be supplying Ukraine with weapons and telling Putler that they will match his escalation, so it becomes and increasingly expensive no-win situation for him and he and his country should be declared what they are a rogue state run by an international terrorist.

      • Dirk Smith

        In Russian, “humanitarian” is KGB-speak for invasion.

    • Milton Devonair

      Looks more like three russians.

  • fluap08

    None of this would be happening today if Obama had been defeated in 2012. The Romney administration would have been pro-active, letting Putin know BEFORE he moved into Crimea that the U.S. and NATO would not permit Kremlin interference and incursion into Ukraine, much less countenance open acts of war. Obama yips and whines, but the moral puppy has no teeth and the moral midget has no backbone.

    • Dirk Smith

      Barry Soetoro has been over his head from day one. Mitt Romney should be POTUSA right now.

  • Jacks Channel

    What is Putin’s obsession with not wanting Ukraine to develope closer ties with the West? Its none of his business. Its up to the Ukrainian people, not him.

  • Mazepa

    Obama will read about the nuclear strikes on mockovshchyna and only THEN wake up and make a decision. However, by that time, Ukraine’s military will already be approaching the volga river.

    • Milton Devonair

      Who will nuke russia? Unless the iranians take the nukes that russia is helping them build, I don’t see anyone nuking russia.

      No one is a threat to russia either. The apes in russia use that fantasy to justify their continual invasions and stealing. Russia is ebola to humans, but no one is going to nuke them.

  • Mazepa

    We WILL nuke moscow – at a minimum.
    Over 450,000 mockali will die and there’s nothing putin can do about it.
    Smert mockalyam.