Putin’s former advisor on Poroshenko in Minsk: Don’t give up Donbas



Illarionov: If President  Poroshenko agrees to give up Donbas to Putin in return for peace, there will be catastrophic consequences for the Ukrainian state

Economist Andrei Illarionov, a former advisor to Vladimir Putin, thinks that Putin is preparing for talks with Petro Poroshenko on August 26 in Minsk by increasing his military presence in Donbas.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia wants to convince the Ukrainian leadership to recognize ‘Novorossiya’ in exchange for a cessation of military hostilities, said economist Andrei Illarionov, a former advisor to the president of the Russian Federation, in a commentary in Gordon.

“After the Minsk talks, Putin expects a compromise from Poroshenko’s side. Putin is now ramping up military intervention and attacks with the aim of convincing Ukraine that it will be cheaper to achieve a truce and put a stop to hostilities now in return for the legalization of  ‘Novorossiya,’ ”  Illarionov says.

According to the expert, agreement to such conditions on the part of the Ukrainian leadership would have disastrous consequences for the entire Ukrainian state.

“I honestly do not know whether Poroshenko and the Ukrainian leadership are ready for such an exchange. But I think that it would have catastrophic consequences both for the Ukrainian state and for the political careers of Ukrainian leaders,” Illarionov says.

“Putin will not compromise and is increasing the stakes on the eve of the meeting. He needs a truce in exchange for ‘Novorossiya,’ like in Transnistria,” adds Illarionov.

Source: gordon.ua, translated by Handzia Savytska

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