Protest against the Russian President in Georgia



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On August 26, 2014, in support for the Ukrainian initiative Putin khuylo Worldwide, a mass protest against Russian President Putin and his policies regarding Ukraine will be held on European square in Tbilisi.

More than 1,7 thousand people who were inspired by the Ukrainian initiative Putin khuylo Worldwide, which engages in active information war against the Russian President, have expressed their desire to participate in the protest and support the Ukrainians this way.

The event is planned for the evening, at 6:30 p.m. local time. The activists are calling for all the Georgians to bring musical instruments, flags, banners. The activists of the Ukrainian movement Putin khuylo Worldwide have already prepared special T-shirt prints (the demonstrated the unity of Ukraine and Georgia in their fight for freedom) for the Georgians who want to participate in the protest.

Source: E-News

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • christopher witt diamant

    I hope Putin realizes that starting World War III was a bad idea……for him….and the Russian people….and that NATO will not stand by as the terrorists kill diplomats like the Lithuanian Consul….Lithuania is a member of NATO, of course….so it’s already started: a war against Europe is now underway….Lithuania will be next after Ukraine falls….

    • D. Smets

      Do you know the difference between a consul and an honorary consul? The man had the Ukrainian nationality and lived in Luhansk…

      • Walter Salmaniw

        So it was OK, since he was only a Ukrainian?

        • Marko

          Russians are sick animals.

        • D. Smets

          Read the comment I was responding to: “NATO will not stand by as the terrorists kill diplomats like the Lithuanian Consul.”
          I haven’t seen NATO refer to article 5 in response, have you?

      • Milton Devonair

        Are you russians going to revolt when the price of bananas increases in your russia? Who will you apes beat up then to make your cesspool better?

        • D. Smets

          My Russia? I live in Flanders, Belgium, mate.

          • Milton Devonair

            Oh God, that means you choose to be ignorant, unlike the russians, lol.

            Western europe, old europe should just die off already, keep fading away in your socialist decay. Eastern europe is moving forward and you people are impeding them, telling them they need to stay enslaved in corruption. But on the bright side, if they break free of russia, you euros then will have to look to sub saharan africa to find people to look down upon….

      • Brent

        Is the value of a Ukrainian citizen less than that of others? He was kidnapped and murdered by Russian sponsored terrorists. Yes, they are terrorists, but judging by your past postings and regurgitation of Kremlin based propaganda and lies about what occurred at Maidan, about how Yanukovych fled the country, about the events in Odessa, Crimea and Donbass, I’m expecting you’ll find some excuse to defend Putin and his terrorists actions.

        I noted you love to make excuses for their aggression and claim it’s NATO’s fault for expanding into their neighboring countries. Are you not aware that these countries petition NATO to join the organization and are seeking protection from Russian aggression? How is that NATO’s fault, when it is their fear of Russia and its aggressive behavior and meddling in their internal affairs, invasions, and treatment of ‘non-Russians and non Orthodox religions’,whom he clearly doesn’t respect and feels is less value than that of Russians or ‘Ruissian speakers’ Throw in the recurring theme of “anschluss” of neighboring territories in Moldova, Georgia and now Ukraine, and at what point is Europe or the NATO you profess to despise so much going to stand up to him?

        I’m curious what drives your hatred of Ukrainian citizens and your feeling their lives are not worth standing up and wanting to defend from Russia and its state sponsored terrorists?

        • D. Smets

          If you adore Bandera, then there’s no place for you in the EU.

          And about ansluss in Moldova and Georgia: Transnistria and South Ossetia declared their independence before Moldova and Georgia did.

          • Milton Devonair

            lol. So you don’t care for stephan bandera because he and his fellow Ukrainians fought against both hitler and stalin? But you do have a point that the liberal/progressive/socialist eurotrash don’t like it when people insult their dictators…..

          • Brent

            Wow! Well played Krem-bot!!! Right to Stephen Bandera!!! The Russian fear of ‘Stephen Bandera’ is actually kind of humorous to me, similar to all of you Krem-bots who keep getting your panties in a know about Victoria Nuland’s “cookies”.

            It’s funny you couldn’t answer my question about the value of the life of a Ukrainian citizen’s life or what drives your hatred of Ukrainians, but jump right to the ghost of Stephen Bandera….

          • Brent

            Yes! The fabled ghost of Stephen Bandera argument!!! What’s next, “Victoria Nuland’s cookies”?

            You seriously need to do some research on Stepan Bandera to see ho insignificant a role he played in World War II. All you krem-bots love to cry about him, but fail to mention
            >he was actually born in the Austro-Hungarian empire, which what is currently Western Ukraine was under the rule of prior to World War I
            >after World War I he was actually a citizen of Poland, which is what Lwow (now known as Lviv) was part of
            >he was imprisoned by the Nazi’s, his supposed collaborators from 1941 until 1944
            >he was assassinated by a KGB agent who used cyanide gas on him

            Was he any more dangerous than the current likes of Pavel Gubarev and Alexander Borodai, who have been among the self declared leaders of the DPR and LPR? Their neo-Nazi affiliations are quite well known, yet you don’t appear to fear them as much as someone assassinated by the KGB over 50 years ago. Truly strange.

            If you feel there is no place for worshippers of the long dead Bandera, what do you have to say about the current supporters of “nationalists” in Europe who all have links to anti-semetism such as Marine Le Pen and the French National Party, Geert Wilders and the Dutch Freedom Party, and the Hungarian Jobbik Party and the Greek Golden Dawn Party? These parties are, and they all have voiced their support for Putin and appear to be getting funding from Russia.

            Stephen Bandera was a nationalist who wanted an independent Ukraine and anti-semetism was not the reason for his collaboration with Nazi Germany. He is just as guilty as Stalin and the Soviet Union who also had a collaboration pact with Nazi Germany and agreed to carve up Poland between them, yet none of you Krem-bots seem to recall that part of history. I’m not “adoring” him as you have proclaimed. He had his flaws like many of us imperfect humans do, but his belief was for an independent Ukraine and he was willing to fight for it. Do you not find it really strange how someone assassinated by the KGB over 50 years ago still scares Russians so much, yet more clearly professed neo-Nazi’s are currently supported by them?

          • D. Smets

            Talking about Lviv, I’ve seen the parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the 14th SS-Volunteer Division “Galician” foundation, men and women in “Meine Ehre heisst Treue” t-shirts. What’s your point about the country he was born in? I could point out that Stalin and Beria were born in Georgia, not Russia, so what?

            Are you seriously calling Wilders an anti-Semite? The guy was investigated by the AIVD because he visited the embassy of Israel so often… He went to Israel last week, according to his website “in order to show his support to Israel in these difficult times.”

            You’re right about the other parties, but there’s still a difference between political parties and paramilitary organizations. The Azov battalion has become the place to be for fascists from around Europe, including Russians.

            This all smells to much of what Ukraine did during the second world war, the country is clearly not ready to join Europe.

            And Kremlin-bot? Oh please, I doubt the Kremlin has enough money to pay all the people in Western Europe who don’t agree with the EU policy regarding Ukraine and Russia. The US on the other hand seems to finance the whole dissident movement in Russia. Those mothers of Russian soldiers for example are sponsored by the United States Congress and the State Department. Don’t try to tell me they do that because they’re such humanitarians, they use them as a propaganda tool.

          • Brent

            I would like to know exactly you perceive to be Stepen Bandera’s big fascist crime that you and so many Russian propagandists are so concerned about his ghost coming back and recommitting? I will be surprised if you can find one thing more significant than what Stalin and the Soviet Union were more successful in doing, collaborating with Nazi Germany.

            Were all Belgian citizens innocent or were there no “Nazi collaborators” in you homeland?

            Yes, I’m aware of where you are from. Why I think you are still a “Krem-bot” is your constant regurgitation of the Kremlin propaganda on issues like Maidan, Yanukovych’s supposed overthrow, Crimea, Odessa and all the other Russian twisting of the facts is eerily sympathetic to their cause. You even did it with your most recent comments about the U.S. funding the dissident movement including the Mothers of the Russian soldiers. Seriously? Get a grip! How could they make such an immediate pivot of hating the vile America to taking U.S. money when their sons are sacrificed for Putin’s dream of recreating Novorossiya? That’s farcical. And the Kremlin must love you for running with that line of lies!

            You still haven’t answered my question about someone who is so in fear of the long assassinated Stepen Bandera’s ‘fascism’ can support a regime that supports current avowed neo-Nazi’s like Pavel Gubarev and surpresses the rights of anyone who is not of the Russian Orthodox faith? Here’s an article you and all the other Putlin-pologists should pay attention to since you are in such fear of dead ‘fascists’….these ones are alive. I’d also love to hear how you can explain away the parading of Ukrainian prisoners of war in Donetsk (violates the Geneva Convention) or the treatment Iryna Dovhan received at the hands of your much admired terrorists and their supporters.



            Remember if it walks like a “krem-bot” and talks like a “krem-bot”, it’s likely a “krem-bot”. If you can show one line of original thinking in your hatred of Ukraine and not constantly rehash long recognized Kremlin lies and propaganda, I will apologize to you and tell you how wonderul you are and that I agree with your thoughts on the Flemmish “issue” that so troubles you in your postings about Belgium…curious, are you the “fascist” you so fear?