Ukrainian boxer Alina Shaternykova sells championship belt to aid soldiers



The world champion professional boxer donated her proceeds to two wounded soldiers.

At the closing gavel, Alina Shaternykova’s championship belt netted 20,000 hryvnias during a benefit auction supporting ATO (Anti-Terror Operation in Ukraine). All proceeds from the sale of her belt were earmarked for medical aid for two ATO soldiers, currently recuperating in the Kyiv Military Hospital: Illya Drozdyuk and Viktor Boyko.

Over the last days, all desirous of contributing to the benefit auction for wounded ATO zone fighters had the opportunity to join world champion Alina Shaternykova.

Shaternikovaport 2

Alongside other Ukrainian sports figures who also donated their trophies to support Ukrainian troops, Shaternykova offered on the auction block her unique belt – the only Ukrainian world championship belt in boxing from the GBU (Global Boxing Union), which she won in 2005. The winning bid for 20,000 hryvnias was awarded to Oleksander Reznyk, vice-president of the Brovar boxing federation.

“I am grateful to everyone who responded to my appeal to take part in this benefit auction ” – stated Alina. “I immediately divided all proceeds between the families of the wounded soldiers of the National Forces:  Illya Drozdyuk, wounded during the liberation of Sloviansk, who was shot by a sniper and needs a prosthetic trachea, and Viktor Boyko, who lost an arm in the battles for Luhansk.”

“Now, more than ever, these boys need our support and help. No sports trophy can ever approach in value a single human life. Therefore, I call on all my fellow sportsmen and women and all Ukrainian  patriots to join similar actions. We must all unite for one common goal: to help our soldiers achieve peace in our country”.

Source: , translated by Adrian Bryttan

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