Polish humanitarian aid to Ukrainian soldiers

Polish humanitarian aid to Ukrainian soldiers


2014/08/20 - 14:23 • News

According to the Polish Ministry of Defense, Ukrainian soldiers will receive humanitarian aid. The first transport will be sent to Lviv next week. In total, Ukraine will receive 320 tons of Polish aid.


Polish Ministry Of Defense promises 320 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraininan forces

The Polish Ministry Of Defense reports that Ukrainian soldiers will receive food, mattresses and blankets.  Assistance is being provided in accordance with a memorandum of understanding signed between the Defense Ministries of both countries.

Source: defence24.pl

Translated by: Rafael Szlom   edited by: Myron Spolsky

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  • Evelyn Myketa Livingston

    I love Poland!!

  • Walter Salmaniw

    Now its time for real military aid!

  • sandy miller

    Thank God for Poland. Ukraine will stand with Poland.

  • Murf

    Good work people.

  • Milton Devonair

    russia’s worst nightmare…..when Ukraine gets back on her feet…..a united Poland and Ukraine. This isn’t the 1930s anymore…..

  • Mazepa

    SLAVA Nashym bratam i cectram v Polshchi!!!