Russian children watch cartoons that show the Ukrainian army destroying Donbas 



Anti-Ukrainian propaganda surpasses all reason 

Children’s TV channels are gradually becoming a platform for Russian propaganda as well. Russian children are now shown cartoons about “the Ukrainian army shelling Donbas.”

This is reported by Radio Liberty.

Russian TV channel’s “Smile of a Child” broadcast an animated pseudo-pacifistic clip to its little viewers, in which the Ukrainian army is shelling Donbas.

They claim the cartoon “Suddenly Our Lives Changed” was created by animation artist Alexey Balashov and several dozen children that escaped Donbas during the ATO who are currently living in “Pioneer,” a temporary accommodation point in the Rostov oblast in Russia.

The clip begins with children’s drawings of civilian life, which the authors of the cartoon claim was ruined by the Ukrainian army. The cartoon assures that it was the junta that destroyed the cities and peaceful civilians in Donbas. The tagline below says: “Save Donbas citizens from Ukrainian aggression!”

The authors of the cartoon never even mentioned that armed separatists sent by Russia are acting aggressively in the territory of eastern Ukraine.


Source: TVi

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina, edited by Lisa Spencer

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