Terrorists use tanks to destroy railway tracks in Donetsk Region



War in the Donbas

The Ukrzaliznytsia Press Service (Ukrainian Railways) reported that terrorists have begun using tanks to destroy railway tracks at Donetsk railway stations.

“First, intent on destroying odd-number shunting neck tracks at the Bulavin station, the terrorists deliberately drove a tank several times along the rails.” announced Ukrzaliznytsia.

The Press Service stated that sabotage operations continue on the Donbas railway network.

“Over the past two weeks, tracks and railroad switches have been damaged at the following stations – Dolomyt, Elektrychna, Kashparov, Mykytivka, Torez, Luhansk, Donetsk and Horlivka.” added the Press Service.

Ukrzaliznytsia also confirmed that passenger areas in several railway stations had suffered major destruction.

“Passenger areas in Sloviansk, Krasny Lyman, Rubizhne and Pereyizna stations have also been devastated. It is impossible to predict how many railway stations and passenger areas will be destroyed or determine the extent of damage by the end of hostilities.”

Ukrzaliznytsia also reported that major companies in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts have been cut off from railway supplies of coal and coke.

Financial losses due to terrorist acts amount to 600 million UAH.

Translated by Christine Chraibi, edited by Myron Spolsky

Source: tyzhden.ua



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  • Donald Casavant

    Add up the cost to repair all this destruction and go to the Hague court and sue Russia for all the damage that has be done by the Russian Terrorist inside Ukraine. The Russian people will be paying for the damage next 20 years! See how much they love Putlier after that!

  • Hektor Uranga

    Only cowards resort to such utterly nihilist destruction. And for what? The invaders have already lost the war.The purpose is to damage Ukraine´s economy to their full capabilities, thus to bring caos and misery to their citizens. Pro Russia indeed.

  • Skip Waterhouse

    This could end in a Merkal-Putin “compromise”. It would begin, of course, with the premise that the DPR and LPR are the de facto governments in the Donbass and that Ukraine are the invaders. You can imagine the rest of the “compromise.” And they wonder why Poroshenko is sending in the special ops?

    • Petronius

      Sounds like the Nazi-Soviet Pact partitioning Poland. Ukrainians on social media call her Frau Ribbentrop

      • True_finn

        …maybe frau Ribbentrop deal can be good, but giving up part off your country is never good deal?