Poroshenko instructs Defense Minister to dismiss officials responsible for tenders



Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko instructed Defense Minister Valeriy Heletey to dismiss two departmental heads of the Ministry, which is responsible for logistical support and tendering, as well as the procurement of arms. This was reported by Interfax Ukraine.

“I have instructed the Minister of Defence to dismiss two departmental heads: one was responsible for logistical support and tenders and the other was responsible for the purchasing of weapons. Two new leaders, who I hope will be more effective, have been appointed as of today,” Poroshenko said during a meeting with volunteers who provide support to soldiers of the Ukraine’s Armed Forces and National Guard who are participating in the ATO.

The president said he made this decision based on the published results of the previous general office investigation into inefficient spending, to ensure the protection of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard.

The president also stated that he instructed the public councils of ministries involved in tenders to actively involve volunteers in this process, “so that they have a full opportunity to inspect all purchases.”

Source: Hromadske.tv

Translated by Olena Wawryshyn

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