Kyiv City Administration: hot water will be switched off to save gas



The number of buildings disconnected from the hot water supply will grow, said Dmytro Novytskyi, director of the Public Utility Infrastructure Department of the KMDA.

Dmytro Novytskyi,  director of the Public Utility Infrastructure Department of the KMD [Kyiv City State Administration], stated that hot water would be switched off in Kyiv in order to safely survive the heating season, reports the KMDA press service.

The official noted that the number of houses which will be disconnected from the hot water supply will grow.

“The gas reserves which the state now has are clearly defined and distributed among the regions. In particular, Kyiv has been given 1.2 billion cubic meters to be used on central heating alone,” said he.

According to Novytskyi, this is insufficient to maintain a comfortable water temperature.

In light of the government’s decision to limit gas supplies, all residents of the capital might be left without hot water.

On July 23 the Verkhovna Rada [Ukrainian Parliament] supported the creation of a temporary investigative committee of the Verkhovna Rada to oversee the implementation of legislation regarding state regulation of natural resource monopolies and joint markets for energy, gas, heat, and water supplies.

Starting July 1, tariffs on public heat and water supplies grew 1.6 times, on average. Starting June 1, new tariffs on public electricity went into effect. According to government order #149, they grew 30%.  Starting May 1, gas tariffs grew 40%.  Low-income families in Kyiv can expect a 100 UAH subsidy toward paying for public utility services.

Source: Gordonua

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina, edited by Elizabeth Martin and Myron Spolsky

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