Russian Armed Forces General Staff warns NATO away from Russia’s borders



Moscow warned NATO officials that Russia would retaliate if the alliance moved closer to the borders of the Russian Federation. The Press Service of the Russian Federation Defense Ministry announced that this was mentioned in the telephone conversation between General Valeriy Gerasimov, Russian Armed Forces General Staff Chief and Russian First Deputy Defense Minister, and General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff. The conversation took place on July 31 at 20:00 at the initiative of American officials.

The generals focused on the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and the situation in Ukraine, as well as other issues. The Russian general reaffirmed the implementation of the INF Treaty.

Gerasimov “warned his American interlocutor about moving NATO infrastructure towards Russian borders”.

Commenting on the situation in Ukraine, Gerasimov strongly condemned the Ukrainian Army for fighting the terrorists in the ATO zone. Gerasimov was outraged about Ukrainian government forces using combat aircraft, powerful rocket launchers, and “missile weapons” against terrorist firing positions set up in residential areas of occupied towns.

Obozrevatel reported that large-scale military aviation exercises started in Russia this week, in very close proximity to the Ukrainian border. During these exercises, the Russians plan to develop and improve “live firing drills” from unguided missile systems.

The Russian Defense Ministry also announced the mobilization of regular and reserve officers.


Translated by Christine Chraibi, edited by Elizabeth Martin


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