Russia bans import of soy and sunflowers from Ukraine




Russia bans  import of Ukrainian soy, soy husk, sunflowers and corn starting August 1, 2014. Onions await their turn.

“Interfax-Ukrayina” interviewed Alexander Isayev,  the head of the phytosanitary inspection of the Russian Agricultural Service, on this matter.

According to him, the ban resulted from numerous violations of Russian phytosanitary standards, especially from contamination of the imported goods with the seeds of quarantine weeds.

“On several occasions we have expressed our concern regarding the contamination of the produce with the seeds of quarantine plants.  We have warned our Ukrainian colleagues about possible restrictions on import because of this contamination.  We proposed to discuss the situation over the phone, but have received no response from our Ukrainian colleagues,” – Isayev said.

“Moreover, they gave us an e-mail address for conversing with them, but have never replied to our emails,” – he added.

The Russian beureacrat also said that the ban may soon extend to onions.

“Just yesterday we prepared a notice, as golden nematode was found in the recent batch of onions imported from Ukraine. For now we will issue a notice, as this is the first time this happened. But if ti continues, onions will have to be banned as well, ” – he said.

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • LorCanada

    Of course Russia will always find an excuse to ban some goods which can further its political agenda. Now, it’s up to Ukraine to ban the import of missiles from Russia into Ukrainian territory as being detrimental to the health and well-being of Ukrainian citizens!
    ;- )

    • Anna Palagina

      Russia used import bans against its neighbours for years to get the concessions out of their governments. As for Ukraine, it is f*ng amazing that it still exports strategic stuff into Russia, although some exports have been recently shut down (but it still took an amazing amount of time and efforts to do it). I mean really, US and Canada impose sansctions, but Ukraine does not. This is just wrong.

    • Milton Devonair

      Better yet, Ukraine needs to start bringing in missiles and other weapons into their country because they are having a problem of rat control in the far east of Ukraine.
      Seems like there’s a lot of russian and chechen vermin on the loose there.

  • Oella

    If you ban food, who are you hurting? You gotta eat. Russia imports a large portion of its food. I hope Ukraine and other European suppliers, who are also being discriminated against in this way, can locate other markets and become less dependent on the Russian market. It would be great to put Russia on a diet.

  • Arctic_Slicer

    Russia has been banning all kinds of food products from not just Ukraine but countries that support Ukraine such as EU countries and Australia. At some point though; aren’t the Russian people going to start asking why certain food items are becoming more expensive or unavailable?