Heletey: the mining of “Stirol” in Horlivka may produce a catastrophe of continental scale


War in the Donbas

Defense Minister Valeriy Heletey addressed the representatives of the pro-Russian forces that “have retained one drop of common sense” in light of the possibility of an industrial disaster in Horlivka.

The according statement was published on his Facebook page.

“In light of the danger that emerged in the city of Horlivka, in particular at “Stirol” factory and around the ammonia pipe, we address everyone who has any influence on the terrorist, who are methodically creating a handcrafted catastrophe in the heart of Donbas,” says the text.

“As has become known earlier, a group of terrorists mined the aforementioned plant, thus creating a threat to the integrity of the ammonia pipe Tolyatti-Horlivka-Odesa. As such, in case this cynical plan is executed, the threat to all living things will appear not only on adjacent territories, but in the nearest regions as well, and has a guaranteed chance of spreading to Russian territory,” stated Heletey.

“In order to avoid a tragedy of continental scale, we are asking all forces that still have retained one drop of common sense and any influence on the situation: to immediately provide a corridor for the engineer and mining departments of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to enter the mined objects with the goal of diffusing them, and consecutively to avoid an industrial disaster,” he added.

Source: InfoResist

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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