The State Duma denies that Russia is shelling Ukraine, says U.S. “lying”



According to RIA “Novosti” the deputy chair of the State Duma Defense Committee Franz Klintsevich considers US Department’s of State statements that Russia is shooting at Ukraine, “impossible to prove.” Klintsevich said that the US  is “lying about obvious things.”

According to the Duma member, satellite images are insufficient to accuse Russia of shooting at Ukrainian territory, and it is necessary to support such a claim with data from other sources.

“Today the Americans’ words are simply not supported by the evidence,” noted Klintsevich, adding that he “has no information that our people fired from our territory.”

Earlier, the US published satellite imagery, accusing Russia of firing at Ukraine.
(Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina, edited by Anna Palagina)


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  1. Avatar Bill Roy says:

    Well there is a very simple way to prove Russia isn’t shooting into Ukraine – let OSCE be present at ALL border crossings between Russia and Ukraine. Even better let OSCE and international experts examine the crater holes and gather evidence in the areas where both Ukraine and US say that Ukraine has been shelled and rocketed at from Russia. These could report in days of being allowed free and safe access to such areas.
    Oh, but Russia will not allow that will they. Knew there was a problem with the most simple and rational solution – and am not surprised who creates the problem.

    1. Exactly…no one wants to cross Putin, therefore his own incompetence will be his downfall: Russia needs a human being…not a mechanical cyborg without a shred of humanity…and the Russian people deserve real leadership; like the Ukraine now has,,,,,

      1. Avatar Ian Rutherford says:

        re: “the Holy Angel of the Ukraine lives…”

        did u enjoy that rather loud farting through mouth, did u ?

        1. Keep speaking…..your own ignorance shall be all I need to call as my witness… your trial…..

          1. Avatar Ian Rutherford says:

            yet another very loud indeed fart into the Blue Yonder ..
            have you accidentally swallowed a half decomposed hippopotamus by any chance ? I mean – the stench that comes out of your mouth every time u open it is unbearable ..
            Do carry on though – after all you clearly are enjoying it.

    2. Avatar True_finn says:

      ” to prove Russia isn’t shooting into Ukraine – let OSCE be present at ALL border crossings between Russia and Ukraine.”

      … if Ruskies allow this then maybe “cease fire” can be done, but that border line is long with “Russia Federation”… so you never know what they send over border.

  2. Avatar sandy miller says:

    Wait it’s on Ukrainian soil Ukraine just needs to go in and do it.

  3. Avatar Frank Fileccia says:

    If satellite images are “insufficient ” how about all the photos and posts on social networks from russian soldiers bragging about shelling Ukraine army positions? Maybe someone should send those photos to the monkeys in the State Duma

    1. Avatar Ian Rutherford says:

      u do that mr frank.

  4. Avatar Brent says:

    Silly question time, because I’ve never been to Russia…..are there no mirrors in the country? Can we send them some so they can look at themselves in the mirror when Putin, Lavrov and all the rest of the liars in power throw out these ridiculous accusations and denials so they can see how stupid they look to the rest of the world? Germany is known for high quality optics, so instead of sending them military grade hardware, send them a few million mirrors so they can see who is really to blame for the war they have stared in Ukraine…that way they can still have their trade with Russia, and Russia can finally become introspective and see what the rest of the world is seeing now.

    1. Avatar Ian Rutherford says:

      big raspberry is more than a brainless cretin suffering from acute verbal diarrhea like u or rather it self deserves for the effort.