Espreso.TV reporter wounded near Luhansk



Bianca Zalewski, a reporter for the Ukrainian Espreso.TV news channel and a Polish citizen, was seriously wounded during shelling in the ATO (antiterrorist operation) zone, reports Espreso.TV, July 27.

During the “Revolution of Dignity” in Kyiv, she delivered hard-hitting news stories, organized Polish assistance for Ukrainians, and invited and interpreted for Polish bands.

Her reporting on the events on Maidan was well-known throughout Poland.

“Terrorists deliberately fired on journalists despite their press identification,” the ATO press center reported on Facebook.

“ATO military personnel, after administering first aid, took Zalevski to the nearest hospital, which is located in Starobilsk in the Luhansk Oblast.  Given her critical state, the injured woman was evacuated immediately by helicopter to Kharkiv for professional medical care,” the ATO statement said.

Later Mykola Kniazhytskyi  provided additional details on his Facebook page.

“She was returning from the ATO zone with Ukrainian soldiers. Their car was fired on and it overturned. Bianca has a fractured spine, collarbone, and damaged kidneys. But there is hope that the nerve fibers have not been damaged. If that is the case, her vital functions will not be affected. A more accurate prognosis will be known within 12 hours,” Knyazhytsyi wrote.

Translation: Anna Mostovych


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  1. Avatar sandy miller says:

    Oh dear. Ukraine can’t afford to lose anymore hero’s. May God bless her and may she have a miraculous recovery now.

    1. Avatar Adam Rytwiński says:

      But Bianka is Polish (like me), not Ukrainian 🙂
      I hope she will be okay, she is moved to Kiev now.