MFA: Militants kidnap 60 orphan children in Luhansk


War in the Donbas

Militants of the so-called “Luhansk People’s Republic” (LNR) kidnapped orphan children who are in need of  constant medical care in Luhansk, and attempt to take them away to Russia.

“According to the latest information, today at around 5:15 PM a group of terrorists from the so-called “LNR” kidnapped 60 orphan children, in need of constant medical care and not possessing any appropriate travel permits, from a boarding school in Luhansk, and are trying to take them away to the Russian Federation in two buses,” reads the statement on the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. It additionally informed that the head doctor is currently being being held hostage by the terrorists.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has issued a note to the Russian Federation, firmly demanding to prevent the illegal trafficking of Ukrainian orphans to Russia.

“We call upon the international community to make every possible effort, including taking steps to exert  additional pressure upon the Russian Federation, in order to force the terrorists to immediately release the Ukrainian orphan children and not use them as hostages of their anti-Ukrainian hysteria and criminal terrorist dealings.”

Source:, translated by Dasha Darchuk, edited by Alya Shandra

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  1. Avatar NP says:

    severely ill HIV-infected kids kidnapped by Russia? This is the most weird article I ever read. Maybe militants are trying to help sick kids?