Four evangelical Christians executed by pro-Russian terrorists for ‘sectarianism and treason’


War in the Donbas

Churchmen were tortured and murdered the day after they were captured.

Four members of the Transfiguration Evangelical church murdered by pro-Russian terrorists for ‘sectarianism and treason’ against the Russian people were buried in Sloviansk.


“On June 8, after the church service was over, the so-called ‘DPR [ed: the Donetsk People’s Republic] militiamen’ stormed the premises of the Transfiguration church, and announced the arrests of deacons Volodymyr Velychko and Viktor Bradarskyii as well as the two adult sons of Pastor Ruvim and Albert Pavenko.  The terrorists incriminated the Christians for support of the Ukrainian army, which is a crime against the DPR.”

Impatient and worried, the clergy’s families waited more than a month for the captives’ release.

It is reported that Volodymyr Velychko is survived by his wife and eight children. Viktor Bradarskyi was the father of three. One of the Pavenko brothers was single, the other is survived by his wife.

One of deputy prosecutors of Sloviansk who managed to escape from the DPR captivity testified that the churchmen were tortured and murdered the very next day, June 9.  He heard the Pavenko brothers screaming;   They were tortured during their interrogation.

“Their bodies were found in one of the mass graves, together with two dozen other martyrs (as reported by our Donbas brethren),” the website of the religious organization says.

“We are holding the memorial service today.  All Evangelical churches of our city have cancelled their own services and have participated in this memorial service,” Petro Dudnyk, pastor of the Glad Tidings Baptist Church reported posted on his Facebook page.

Following the liberation of Sloviansk from the terrorists, law enforcement officers discovered a mass grave of local resident murdered by the pro-Russian militants.

As Euromaidan Press reported, on July 14 the law enforcement officers discovered the burial site of two priests martyred by the terrorists.  The priests were killed for assisting Ukrainian soldiers.

Editor’s note. The original publication mentions eight murdered church members, however, only four martyrs have been confirmed:  Ruvim and Albert, sons of Pastor Alexander Pavenko from the Sloviansk evangelical Church of the Transformation, as well as deacons of the church Viktor Brodarsky and Volodymyr Velychko.

Source: Sirgis Inform via
Translated by Inga Kononenko, edited by Myron Spolsky


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  1. Avatar Bill Roy says:

    And these terrorists call Ukrainians ‘fascist’. I wonder if these terrorists have ever looked in a mirror.

  2. Avatar digpig says:

    No doubt the people who committed these horrid crimes claim to be members of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church. Will we ever hear Patriarch Kirill denounce such wickedness?

    1. Avatar TomP says:

      No we will not – he is the stooge of Putin.

  3. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    So they had to kill them? Why didn’t they just take them hostage? Killing non-violent non-combatant religious persons is the bottom of the barrel. You can’t go any lower than that.

  4. Avatar Giovanni Bacci Di Capaci says:

    Please stop calling “Fascist” whoever you dislike… Fascism is an Italian copyright. Thanks from Italy….

  5. Avatar FunkyWinkerbean says:

    Here’s your Russian “liberation” for you. Liberation from life. Bloodthirsty sociopaths is more like it. They shoot innocent civilians for sport. Doubt me? A captured terrorist confessed they do it.

  6. Avatar jwz says:

    Give the Muscovites a day or two, and they’ll tell us there was no mass grave in Sloviansk– they’ll say there was a hole and dozens of people somehow fell into it and covered themselves up with dirt. Yeah, that’s it.

  7. Avatar GregFromCos says:

    This is horrible, and thanks for reporting it.

    However, I have a real issue calling them Martyrs. That has a very religious undertone, and the last thing this conflict needs is some religious undertone thrown into it.

    1. Avatar Brent says:

      This is not the first incident where clergy who don’t bow to the Moscow patriarchy were kidnapped, questioned, or murdered. IT ALREADY HAS A VERY RELIGIOUS UNDERTONE TO IT that was manufactured by Putin and his insurgent army. They are preaching ‘protection’ of ‘Russian speakers’, yet they are committing crimes like this against others who practice a different faith. There are numerous stories about this occurring to priests of other faiths being threatened or kidnapped in Donetsk or Horlivka and also in Crimea

      Don’t blame Euromaiden Press for making this into a religious issue. Blame the Kremlin sponsored thugs for doing that.

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        Yup. There’s a reason why the kgb stooge kirill runs the russian orthodox criminal church in russia……