Theodor Holman: A Poem for MH17



I am the farmer who saw bodies falling from the sky.
And, I got two corpses on my roof.
I am the body that fell into the sunflowers.
And I’m a rebel, why did I make a mistake?
I’m a rocket, I wish I knew how to be ashamed.
I am a soldier, a friend, we are not to blame.
I am their enemy, but I know nothing.
I’m the president, my compassion is great.
I’m also a president, I’m full of sorrow.
I am a diplomat, you can now call the president.
I’ll pick up the dead. Why can’t I?
I am Death, I drew once again. I want to bring the dead to their country. Why can’t I?
I am an officer – count all my stripes – and I say to you, stop!
I’m a train, I’ll wait.
I’m the driver, I have never seen such a strange cargo.
I am a sunflower and I stay snapped.
I am the landscape, I got hurt.
I’m a plane, or a dead bird, whatever you want.
I am the phone; they do not listen.
I’m a garbage bag, what did they stuff into me?
I’m a twig with a piece of white cotton.
I’m a teddy bear. I am a booklet. I am a shoe, here is a purse and a t-shirt.
I’m a consultant, I give you every possible assistance.
I am Prime Minister, where are my kid gloves?
I’m the lie, I’m a farmer well again today.
I am a pathologist, I want to go inside.
I am freedom fighter, so you must do what I say.
I am a black box. I am the future; I probably wasted my talent?
I’m the wasted talent, I cry the loudest.
I’m the endless grief, I’m sorry.
I’m the horror, I feel big and strong.
I am the rage, just as strong and big.
I am a tear – but much more than that. I am sad – but much more than that.
I’m looking for a word, a phrase, a sentence.

Translated by Klaus H. Walter
Source here.

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