Putin calls a Security Council meeting regarding the topic of Russia’s “sovereignty and territorial integrity” 



21 July 2014

The Russian security council intends to discuss issues dealing with the territorial integrity of the country. They do not go into detail as to what they intend to discuss yet. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a Russian Federation Security Council meeting on Tuesday, July 22nd, to discuss the issue of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. This is reported by the Kremlin press service on Monday, July 21st. 

“On June 22nd, headed by the President of the Russian Federation, a session of the Russian Security Council will take place, at which it is planned to discuss a number of issues that have to do with the provision of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation,” says the message. 

The Kremlin did not provide more detailed information. 

We remind you that the last Russian Security Council meeting was held on July 11th, another one took place on July 1st. Both times, they discussed the topic of Ukraine – regarding how exponentially worse the situation is getting after the end of the ceasefire and “the context of the increasing number of refugees coming to Russia.” 

Source: dt.ua, translated by Mariya Shcherbinina


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