U.S. State Dept: ‘Confident’ Russia sending tanks, number on-site doubled


War in the Donbas

The U.S. Department of State (DoS) has released a statement on its official blog, compelling Russia to engage in a peaceful resolution of the crisis in Ukraine and refrain from further assistance of agression. In the post, the State Department sees no evidence that Russia has waned in actively supporting the separatist factions, and compels the country to “stop destabilizing Ukraine and occupying Crimea, a part of Ukraine’s territory.”

We assess that Russia continues to provide them with heavy weapons, other military equipment and financing, and continues to allow militants to enter Ukraine freely. Russia denies this, just as it denied its forces were involved in Crimea — until after the fact.

The statement goes further, expounding on and updating the situation in Rostov where previous reports by the Department and NATO exposed a buildup of main battle tanks and other heavy equipment being delivered to Russian militants in Ukraine.

The DoS says it is ‘confident’ that the Russian government is mobilizing even more tanks from old stock to the Rostov deployment site, and that tanks, artillery, and multiple rocket launchers have already been delivered – several of which were transferred this past weekend alone.

It also says that the number of vehicles at the site is ever increasing (roughly doubling) and that more advanced air defense systems are beginning to arrive. This of course would mark a departure from the previously listed Soviet-era stock. Separatist recruitment efforts have also stepped up, and are now seeking out volunteer operators to man these very air defense systems.

Rostov deployment site imagery, May 30

Recruitment of militants to fight in Ukraine is ongoing opposite its border, with the DoS explicitly stating that “Russia has allowed officials from the “Donetsk People’s Republic” to establish a recruiting office in Moscow,” while pointing out that many separatist leaders “hail from Russia and have ties to the Russian government.”

This all paints a telling picture of Russia’s continued policy of destabilization in eastern Ukraine.

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  1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    These anti-armor weapons are very easy to use and are effective against those tanks:

    Croatia and Serbia has them and I think they’re made there.

    One thing to remember though is tanks by themselves are dead, easily killed, so they usually have infantry to protect them from such rockets. In urban areas though, it makes it harder for tanks and for infantry to protect tanks. Look at the vids on the internet from syria as examples. The Chechens also killed a lot of russian armor in Grozny, so much so putin pulled out his troops and from a distance just bombed Grozny into Berlin, 1945.

    Ukrainians HAVE to become proficient in longer range shooting with scoped rifles. Take the experience of the last balkan war. Scoped rifles are one of the weapons of choice for terrorists. A sniper is the best way to kill another sniper. The russians pigs were decimated in Finland when they invaded Finland in The Winter War….and Finnish and Swede snipers stopped the russians in their tracks.
    Russians learned and that’s what helped them out during WWII.

    Ukrainians learn how to shoot scoped rifles and do it in pairs. Have them with every group of of soldiers also. They will help keep the terrorists in the distance and if any get in, stop them.

  2. Avatar Evelyn Myketa Livingston says:

    Watch out …the US is about to issue yet another stern warning!

    1. Avatar Mat says:

      So stern.

      1. Avatar Fred Hernandez says:

        The US is not the problem and the administration has been ready for some time to impose further and real sanctions. Germany with all its business dealings and the Putin lover East German Merkel, poor socialist France and the UK with all those rich oligarchs are just not willing for the sake of Ukraine.

        1. Avatar sandy miller says:

          Let the west go to hell. US, other eastern european countries can kick that midgets ass to hell. Boycott all German products. Write to the owners of the car dealerships that sell German cars to tell Merkel they will boycott unless Germany takes real and tough actions against Russia. US just bomb that evil empire. Why did I a non-political expert able to call Putins and all those other experts haven’t? Something stinks in the woods with those entire affair. Ukraine has been used, abused and thrown out in the rain.

  3. Avatar sandy miller says:

    Our government should be fired. To have allowed Putin to get this far. We’re losing allies and the propaganda war. Where the hell is the American media? Where the hell is European media to allow Putin to kill our country as well as what he’s been doing all over the world. He’s arming everyone. Where do we think that’s going. America if you can’t depend on Europe than put boots on the ground in Ukraine. Everyone running scared from a third world country? We’d damn well get tough and now. OMG…he just armed Brazil. Who’s threatening them that they need neculear weapons?

    1. Avatar Byron Hill says:

      …media was busy with World Cup, now their attention is on Gaza.

  4. Avatar Lucy Joy says: