#Invasion: Russian border guard waves military through, snaps pics (and a selfie)


War in the Donbas

Tag this story #nofilter – over the weekend, social media was atwitter over images purportedly showing a Russian BTR-80 armored personnel carrier being waved through a border checkpoint.

What makes this story more interesting than usual (as dozens of heavy vehicles from Russia have bled through the border in recent weeks) is that the photos were allegedly snapped by the brazen Russian customs agent waving it through – who also thought it a good idea to snap a selfie for good measure.

The Instagram account under the name Artem_Karat (which has now been deleted or deactivate) indicated in its geolocation to be at the Donetsk border post (Donetsk, Russia; adjacent to Luhansk region), and description eluded it to possibly being uploaded by a co-worker (“My job while I’m on vacation”). Hashtags or the images included (translated for convenience): #Customs, #Border, #Putin, #Luhansk, #RostovOblast, #War, and #RussianFederation.

This of course wouldn’t be the first time Russia’s hand in the invasion has been exposed in self-inflicted fashion over social media – months ago, several Russian insurgents were exposed via their VK accounts, providing a first glimpse into who and where many recruits were coming from.

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  1. Avatar Cristian Muñoz says:

    For those who are stubborn Russia-fanboys who says that IMF loans to Ukraine will be US/EU “Slavery” WITHOUT evidence:

    Chile suffered a banking crisis in 1982, which was our worst crisis in decades, probably in our history. During the period 1980-1985, Chilean GDP contracted 57%, and unemployment reached and all time high of 24%. In order to solve that crisis, IMF made a loan of US$ 900 million (1983 US Dollar) to Chile. This was an important step, because Chile was taking debt from International Community, NOT A SINGLED COUNTRY. As a result of that, Chile had NOT to give territorial concessions to any neighboring state in case of default, and finally, we successfully solved the crisis.
    The same goes for Ukraine: If Kiev accept IMF loans, that will be granted WITHOUT any kind of territorial concessions or servitude to ethnic Russian-minority, because Ukraine is dealing with the international community, NOT a singled country like Russia. If Ukraine would have accepted that Russian LOAN (It was NOT a GIFT like stupid Ruski-fanboys believed) of US$ 15 Billion, Ukraine would have been forced to make TERRITORIAL and ETHNIC concessions to Russia and Russian minority in Ukraine, and the use of strategic Ukrainian state assets as collateral for Russian state and state-owned banks, in the event of DEFAULT (A planned one by YanukoBitch on purpose). It would have been the BIGGEST historical mistake if Ukraine would have accepted that treacherous Russian loan in 2013 aimed to destroy Ukraine. Nice try YanukoBITCH.

    It’s very strange that the overthrown of YanukoBitch, that was caused by internal economic problems, suddenly transformed into a “Anti-Russian persecution” and “Nazi/Fascist Coup”. Why??. Why Russian State-owned/State-funded media outlets like Russian Trolls CORRuptly (RT Ruptly), Boys of Russia (Voice of Russia), Prove-That (Pravda) and Is-Beast-ia (Izvestia) suddenly began an Anti-Ukrainian media war because something was indeed related to an INTERNAL ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL UKRAINIAN CRISIS??. Why Crimea become the main target of Russian aggression against Ukraine after the legitimate overthrown of YanukoBITCH by Ukrainian population??. EASY to answer: That’s because that Russian LOAN (A gift for uneducated unintelligent ones) of US$ 15 Billion to Ukraine was part of a Russian plan to force Ukraine to give up its rights over Sevastopol Naval Base in the event of a planned Ukrainian default of it debt with Russia. Also, probably, Russia planned additional big loans for Ukraine because they knew YanukoBitch had the plan of purposely bankrupt Ukraine in order to establish a “Reform program” that will involve the selling of Ukrainian state assets (oil refineries, gas grid, food, steel and chemmical industry) to Russian state-banks and United Russia oligarchs who own Ukrainian debt. Did you know that Odessa oil refinery was ILLEGALLY used as COLLATERAL for a Russian VTB bank loan to a pro-Russian oligarch during YanukoBITCH tenure??. Russia wanted to bankrupt Ukraine, using YanukoBitch, in order to destroy Ukrainian state and sovereignty. But, to the dismay and rage of Russia, and THANKS TO GOD, Ukrainian people PREVENTED YanukoBitch and it cabal of Pro-Russian scoundrels and rapist oligarchs from destroying Ukraine. 😀

    1. Avatar AndrewO says:

      Great comment!

    2. Avatar Mat says:

      All great points.

      The Russian loan was actually a higher interest rate than the IMF, so how it was a ‘gift’ was just silly. Especially since it hinged on Ukraine not signing any deals with Europe, and with joining the dreaded Customs Union – and of course giving away all industry to Russia.

  2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    Also, the ‘president of the donetsk people’s republic’….the kgb guy:

    Lubyanka BEGINS live tomorrow


    Changing direction at the Lubyanka. Deputy Director of the Russian Federal Security Service and Special Information Policy appointed Alexander Boroday. He will have to engage in “the organization the most delicate operations of the FSB in the political field.” This was reported by APN, citing a source in the presidential structures.

    Observers note that it is now for the challenges in the Russian market
    will approach the FSB “philosophically” – Alexander is a graduate
    Boroday philosopher, a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow
    State University. At 35 years old he was already wearing epaulets, Major-General and soon will probably get a new title.


    pravda.ru / GoogleTranslate



    На Лубянке меняется руководство. Заместителем директора ФСБ России по информационной политике и спецпроектам назначен Александр Бородай.
    Он должен будет заниматься «организацией наиболее деликатных операций
    ФСБ на политическом поле». Об этом сообщило АПН со ссылкой на источник в
    президентских структурах.

    Наблюдатели отмечают, что теперь к решению задач на российском рынке
    ФСБ будет подходить «философски» – Александр Бородай является
    дипломированным философом, выпускником философского факультета МГУ. В
    свои 35 лет он уже носит погоны генерал-майора и в скором времени,
    вероятно, получит новое звание.