Ukrainian planes helped destroy Russian convoy — Senyk



Columns of heavy military equipment that had entered Ukrainian territory were eliminated with the help of military aircraft, said Defense Ministry spokesman Bohdan Senyk on the TV program Podrobnosti, Sunday, July 13.

“The decision was made immediately, and the column was attacked. We can confirm that military aircraft was used on five sites, on the positions of the militants at the Luhansk airport, Senyk said.

According to Senyk, the equipment that broke through to Ukraine is “yet another proof that terrorists are operating with technical support from the Russian Federation.”

Senyk neither confirmed nor denied information on the advance of the Ukrainian army on Luhansk. “I have no such information,” he said. “But everything that is being done is to liberate the city from terrorists and their groups.”

In turn, Serhiy Melnychuk, commander of the Aidar battalion, said he believed the heavy military equipment observed in Luhansk was brought in from Russia by the deposed president Viktor Yanukovych.

“I think this is the money of Yanukovych and his associates that is being used to buy equipment for terrorists,” Melnychuk said.


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