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Well, well, Mr. Akhmetov, your end is not far off. Do you think that you will continue to reign over Donbas and use people for your own purposes. I’d like to tell you quite frankly that this is never going to happen again. Ukraine is not your private resource centre. Our land has brought you wealth, and it will take all its riches back.

What was before will never be again, and the billions you stole will not save you. And, moreover, you have sent dozens of people to death in your factories.

The scenario for your future is very simple: after our victory in the East, the people will seek you out. They won’t be those hateful Banderivtsi from the West. They will be ordinary Donbas miners and workers, and they will take what belongs to them. Then, Mr. Akhmetov, you will have to answer in full for everything that you have done – oppressing, robbing and fooling these simple people.

There’s no need for you to make loud statements about how much you love Ukraine and that we should negotiate with the separatists. We all know what it means to you. Because our troops are near Donetsk and they will not fail to see where the terrorists are hiding, whether they be in your factory or in five-star hotels.

My advice to you: either you don the uniform of the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic-Ed.) and show your sincere support of the enemy (after all, every Ukrainian knows whose side you’re on), or get the hell out and stop financing Putin’s trash that continues to kill the bravest and best sons of our nation.

translated by Christine Chraibi

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  • Wiiking

    Volodymyr. You are a true hero of Ukraine and will be an important person after the victory is won. Your speech at maidan is what many of us foreigners remembers the most from the difficult period in february. With people like you Ukraine is destined for success, athough it will be a long and bumpy road..

  • evanlarkspur

    Wow. Someone has finally come out and said it. I wondered how long it would be.

  • sandy miller

    Bravo…a true hero. it’s obvious who’s side he’s on..Why are the other districts quiet and his isn’t? Did he really think he could fool the people all the time. The only one he has love for is himself. He has no love for the land he was born on or all of this killing would not have gone on in his territory!

  • Kruton

    Rich crooks bleed like anyone else.

  • Case Triskell

    No matter if Volodymyr is right or not. But this is freedom of speech. Still unknown to many Ukrainians, but they will get used to it. You can express your personal opinion without the risk that governmental bodies or institutions will punish you….or worse. But be careful, still there are a lot of forces in Ukraine, who like to turn back time. The only way to win is to stand up and express your opinion and be ready to fight for it. Good luck to Volodymir and the “Donbas” battalion with their fight against the Russian invaders.

  • On the Balcony

    Well, this certainly echoes my thoughts about Akhmetov BUT… the militants do not seem to have become part of the social fabric of the areas under his control. So, always the optimist, I can’t help wondering if he/his men have ben “laying low” and will become part of the promised “nasty surprise” awaiting the rebels. If so, then Akhmetov will have atoned for his sin of silence; if not, what Ukraine has given, it can take away. Note: I’m worried that all this preoccupation with retribution, bringing people to “justice” and simple revenge will turn into a destructive witchhunt that impedes Ukraine’s progress. (For starters, shouldn’t prosecutors and judges be focused on cleaning their own houses??) Winning militarily is just the first step: we also need a plan for national reconciliation, to put the past behind us and move forward, not only with the separatists but with all of the political carpetbaggers and oligarchs who have plundered Ukraine like Akhmetov and, it need be said, perhaps Porenshenko too.


    none of these oligarchs did too much illegally in the acquisition of their businesses ….back in the day 1991 and onwards, every working man had a piece of paper that told him he owned say 1/300,000 (Akhmetov’s stated number of employees) of the Donbas coal and steel industry (ok not exactly but you get it)….

    only probs was back then the employees didn’t have any wages either!….so along come the carpet baggers with hand fulls of cash….and the miners got say $100 for their bit of paper and the promise of wages….

    so do the math! and you suddenly own big industry for cheap!….many of the primary industrial oligarchs did this….in a way they saved the industries….but!….theres a name for someone who puts his business before country in this situation…..the T word…

    But Akhmetov has been dancing too long on the line wondering who is going to win he hasn’t won any friends in new government….In a way you cant blame him or any oligarch for fence sitting….what ever the outcome they are best placed to do biz with the victors and keep the people employed….oh and they carry on making lotsa money….

    As for Porenshenko….hes not that big a chocolate fish yet….I do like Roshen chocolate though…its very good