The parallel between Ukraine and the Levant: Creating a ‘slavic ISIS’?



In the last episode between Russia and Ukraine, we witnessed that wax and wane posture between Europe and Russia, playing on the ethnicity/minority card with a slightly invisible background of Syria. If the political trajectory goes linear, we will witness a schism between Ukraine and Russia, with times of convergence, around the Syria/Iraq issue and a more economic penetration, by Gulf countries, of the Ukrainian territory. If one draws dramatically the parallel between Ukraine and the Levant, one can predict the emergence of a very narrow-minded Slavic Xenophobic group in Ukraine that will claim some sort of hegemony over the rest of the Dominion in the same vein in which ISIS claims the Islamic caliphate in Syria and Iraq. If one accepts the now-common allegation of the financing of ISIS by some Gulf entities, one has to be vigilant as to who will chip in with the new Slavic Frankenstein whose shadow will unfortunately come to loom over Ukraine’s pretty sky if separatism continues to be the predominant paradigm.

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Dr. Abdelilah Bouasria is a term assistant professor of global politics at George Mason University, Virginia, USA

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