Former separatists tell about their ex-companions’ tyranny in Eastern Ukraine



War in the Donbas

TVi, 3 July 2014 The situation resembles the “turbulent 90’s” The former separatists from Sloviansk and Kramatorsk who have joined the ranks of Ukrainian soldiers tell who fights on the terrorists’ side, how they do it, and how much they are paid.

“This is tyranny, absolute tyranny,” one of the ex-separatists describes the situation in the area of Donbas captured by terrorist forces. According to him, the mercenaries engage in plain robbery, fight among themselves for spheres of influence, sell other people’s apartments, steal cars, make people dig trenches at gunpoint, and demand money from men to leave cities etc. The interviewed ex-separatists believe that the situation resembles the “turbulent 90’s” and appeal to their former companions to come to their senses and stop disgracing themselves by the war they are waging against their own people and their own country.

Translated by Svitlana Skob, edited by Alya Shandra Source:

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  • Milton Devonair

    Bravo. Sad that people keep falling for lies, but once they realize they’ve been duped, they get angry and become pretty good soldiers and patriots.
    They should be very good assets to the new, free and democratic Ukraine.

    • Jacks Channel

      Moscow has made them look like fools with all of the talk of “Banderites”, which we all have known for some time now never existed. I wish Russians speakers well.

      Long live a united Ukraine for all its citizens, whoever you are.

      • Milton Devonair

        “These russians are weird. I killed more of them than Bandera”

        • LorCanada

          Milton, that’s a very good point about Stalin’s era. No doubt many Russians have periods of their history they’d rather forget.

          • Milton Devonair

            And part of putinism, him being a neo-soviet, is to ‘rehabilitate stalin’.

            “The official line now is that Stalin and the Soviet regime were successful in creating a great country,” says Irina Flige.
            “And if the terror of Stalin is justified, then the government today can do what it wants to achieve its aims.”
            “What we have now [in Russia] effectively is the KGB in power,” he adds.”

  • sandy miller

    Did they say who was paying these men and where they’re from? Most important.

  • Kruton

    Poroshenko has to stop talking with the enemy and intensify the assault on the Putinite criminals,these poor people are suffering outrageous abuse!

  • Eric Daniels

    All Russian people should leave Ukraine, Crimea will be the next battle and Russia should end it swiftly. Ukraine will fail without Russia’s support. Keep hating Russia and you may never get any gas from Russia, Ukraine are some really dumb people I hope they blow the whole country up trying to kill a few hundred Russians. All Ukrainians want to do is fight about something, anything. I hope the US and EU send you lots of money you are gonna need every bit and then some to rebuild the buildings you’ve destroyed lol

    • LorCanada

      Don’t be so sure of yourself. There’s no use in Putin blackmailing Ukraine regarding the gas pipeline prices. I hear Germany is offering to sell gas to Ukraine, not sure of all the plans; and then Slovakia also made an offer to provide. So bit by bit there will be solutions to Ukraine’s gas problem. Meanwhile Putin should return Crimea to Ukraine!

      You seem to harbour a lot of hatred for Ukrainian people as well. Why is that? How does it affect your own life or your job? Very little, I would guess.

      Remember, Ukraine is a sovereign nation and has every right to decide its destiny, without the interference of Russia or any other country, according to International Law. I wish the people of Ukraine PEACE and a brighter future ahead.

    • Wiiking

      Russian troll….go play on the highway..

    • Median Line Analysis

      Ukraine is siting on some of the largest frackable gas reserves in europe. They dont need russian gas. They just need infrastructure to pull it out of the ground. Putin does not want this to happen.

    • Median Line Analysis

      There is one reason why Putin wants Ukraine. That is to keep the contracts that ExxonMobil/RoyalDutchShell/Chevron have with Ukraine to frack the massive gas reserves from happening. Putin’s worst nightmare is that Ukraine becomes the big supplier of gas to Europe. And worst yet for Putin would be that Ukraine uses the old gazprom pipeline to pump that gas to europe.. Putin wants this gas to stay in the ground.

  • Case Triskell

    Always difficult to evaluate and estimate the value of the information coming from one source. Confirmation from different reliable sources is always necessary.

    • LorCanada

      Yes, that’s true, there’s a lack of reliable information these days and the fact that journalists are risking their lives getting out to the ‘front’ makes it that much harder for sound reporting.